Top 3 Benefits Of Using A Weighted Blanket For Your Child


Last Updated on December 25, 2021

Insomnia and other sleeping difficulties are not only issues found among the adult population, but can also have a major adverse impact on children. One study found that up to 30% of children may have difficulties falling asleep at night, as well as experience other symptoms generally associated with insomnia.

There is a number of solutions that have been found to help children experience improvements in sleep, without the need to use pharmaceutical drugs on the young ones. One of these solutions come in the form of a weighted blanket. While these products may seem relatively simple, the special designs that are used to produce a weighted blanket provide a therapeutic sleep accessory that has several benefits to offer a child.

What Exactly Is A Weighted Blanket?

The idea behind a weighted blanket might seem strange to some people, yet there have been studies that proved the effects of these products to be beneficial to both children and adults alike. The idea behind a weighted blanket is to provide a firmer pressure to the body of the child – the pressure would also be more consistent compared to the average blanket that may be provided to them.

While there are a variety of different weighted blankets available on the market today, the design behind them do have one similarity that we should note here – these are blankets that contain small weights on the inside. The weights are what causes that consistent pressure on the body beneath the blanket.

Many people would associate the feeling of a weighted blanket to that of a hug – thus providing almost a simulated experience, helping a child feel like they are being hugged throughout the night.

The Hazli weighted blankets for kids have been reviewed by their users with great positive feedback by being described as a product made with the greatest quality materials that truly have helped their children improve their sleeping and reduce the incidence of uncomfortable events such as bedwetting and nightmares. They can be found in 4 different colors, including blue, violet, pink and turquoise, in three different sizes, depending on the age and size of the child.

The Top Benefits That A Weighted Blanket Offers A Child

Even though the idea might be very simple, a weighted blanket can be beneficial for a large number of children. We take a look at three of the most important benefits associated with a weighted blanket below – parents should ensure they take these benefits into consideration if they are not sure if a weighted blanket is right for their child.

  • Improved Sleep Duration And Quality

First important benefit to take into consideration is the improvement in a child’s sleep quality and duration that parents can expect when switching the child to a weighted blanket.

The consistent pressure that is applied to the child may assist in helping the child fall asleep faster, compared to using a normal blanket. The child may also feel more comfortable, and there may be a much calmer feeling in their mind.

  • They Have a Calming Effect

Weighted blankets work by using deep touch pressure, which simulates the feeling of being hugged. The deep touch pressure that a weighted blanket gives has been shown to increase serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is responsible, among other things, for stimulating the parts of the brain that control sleep and waking. When serotonin increases, it can be easier to relax and have a restful sleep.

In a study performed in 2014 to evaluate the usage of weighted blankets, it was found that parents rated their children to be much calmer when they used a weighted blanket, as well as a better bedtime behavior and a feeling of greater satisfaction and reduced stress.

  • Beneficial For Children With Autism And SPD

Children who have autism are often found to have special sensory needs. The same factor applies to those children with Sensory Processing Disorder. The senses of these children tend to work differently to those kids that do not have such a disorder.

In some cases, the child may seek out specific senses more often. There are, however, other cases where the child might rather try to avoid experiencing these senses altogether.

Regardless of the case, it is important to note that the weights that are added to a weighted blanket have been found to be especially beneficial to children who have autism. Those children with Sensory Processing Disorder may also greatly benefit from the use of a weighted blanket.

One of the very first studies that led to the wide usage of weighted blankets for Autistic children today was published in 1999. In this study, several participants with diagnosed autism were involved – a simulated hug machine was used in order to simulate a long duration of a hug in the patients. There was a significant improvement in the symptoms associated with autism.

Improvements in sensory needs were also noted among these participants.

In another study, participants were aged between 5 and 16. The participants and their parents were involved in the study. The idea was to determine if the autistic child would prefer a normal or weighted blanket.

There was a strong lean toward the weighted blankets in both the children with autism, as well as the parents.


Weighted blankets take advantage of two different therapeutic principles, including Pressure Stimulation and Deep Touch Pressure, to provide improvements in sleep among children. Additionally, the use of a weighted blanket could have more benefits among children, such as inducing a calmer state of mind and offering parents a peaceful night’s sleep.

While most people who are considering buying a weighted blanket for their child would consider the direct benefits of this product for the kid, it is important for parents to understand that they, too, will gain an advantage.

When kids experience difficulty with their ability to sleep, it will most likely become a bothersome factor for their parents as well. When the parents switch the child over to a weighted blanket, and this produces an improvement in their sleep, there will be fewer disturbances for the parents during the night. In turn, the parents will be able to get a peaceful sleep, while also knowing that their child is getting more and better sleep at the same time.

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