Top 6 Business Card Innovations That You Can Use Today


Last Updated on July 1, 2021

Business cards have been in use for a long time as a fast and compact way to give someone your contact information. Even with the rise of social media and the increasing ease in ability to find a person’s information quickly online, they still have a place in business. However, having a plain, bulk printed business card may not cut it quite like it used to.

Over time, the humble business card has evolved, with greater emphasis placed on creativity, innovation and the intertwining with technology. Here are six great ideas that you might want to consider for your business card.

QR Codes

Mobile and smartphone technology has seen an increase in the use of QR codes being placed on adverts and information. The concept behind it is that you can use your mobile device to scan the code to download your contact information or be taken to a website. QR codes are increasingly being used on business cards because it simplifies the look of the card, without having to use too much information. It also shows your recipient that you are technologically savvy, which might be an added bonus if you’re trying to show these skills.

Lenticular imagery

Lenticular imagery

Printing of lenticular imagery on a business card is a fantastic way to add a sense of depth and play on illusion on the card. It can give the impression of motion, which can be used to great effect on the card. This most popular motion is to either skip from one image to another as the card is tilted, or to have the image appear as though it is moving or slowly transforming. Using this technique will mean the person who has received your card will have to interact heavily with it to see the effect of the imagery meaning they are more likely to remember you and be impressed by your creativity.



The use of holograms on a business card can add real visual appeal, as well as make it particularly eye-catching. It can mean the difference between someone casually tossing the card in their pocket and actually taking note of the design and image, and forming an impression of how professional it looks. Using hologram designs can be beneficial for anyone working in an industry where image is important or where they’d need to show off particular design skills.

Pop up cards


Most business cards are flat and one-dimensional. But, if you want your card to stand out from the crowd (quite literally) then consider giving it added depth by getting a pop up card made. The great thing about pop up business cards is that they will be memorable and will give the impression that you are professional and passionate in what you do. Plus, many people have a soft spot for pop up items as they often relate to childhood memories, so they’ll be instantly appealing.

Laser cut


For a really innovative business card, you may well want to consider getting a laser cut card. The result of the process will leave a card with sections (often text or illustraton) either completely removed or indented into the card. This also allows for an interesting material choice, with many cut into wood or metal. Laser cut cards not only look smart, but the wide choice of options means that your card will stand out and have a creative edge.

Gadget cards


Having a business card that can be made into something is a really useful ploy if you work in the creative industries and want to impress clients, but it’s also a good idea for anyone looking to create a lasting impression. Examples of gadget business cards include those with a built in USB stick that holds information or links, and even a card that transforms into a tiny penknife! These cards are a great deal more expensive but they will, without doubt, appear impressive.

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