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Last Updated on July 12, 2021

Money management is a skill not everyone is gifted with.  Just as much as it is important in life, it can be tough too.  But with the help easily available these days, the task may no longer be as daunting as it used to be.

Why is financial management so important?

A survey done in 2007 by MSN Money suggested that an average American household has a consumer debt of at least $8,000. This reality is a sign that many families are struggling with financial management.

It is a social problem that needs to be addressed, because poor financial management can lead to devastating financial situations.  Being able to successfully manage your finances does not only save you from financial crisis. It also takes you to your goals and makes you enjoy life better.

Financial management is also a huge way to reduce the stresses of life. It keeps you from being unable to sleep at night thinking about the payments you have to make. Once you know how to spend, save, and invest your money wisely, you are on your way to a debt-free life.

How do you manage your money?

In general, money management is never easy and fun. It is a process of determining the money you really have and the expenses you need to make.  In addition, it also involves being able to identify where you want to see your money in the future. This management required tons of control over the coming in and going out of your money.

Fortunately, money management has been made easier. The following are some tools helpful for this task:

You Need a Budget

This program was designed for OSX, Linux, and Windows, but may be run on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.  It offers services to help personal financial planning with its easy and inclusive tool to make its user’s budgeting without much trouble.  It also allows users to do transactions from a wide group of banks.


This works as an electronic wallet.  It is a useful tool for the facilitation of family members in the splitting of expenses and paying of bills.  The quick and immediate services they provide are protected and can easily be accessed online.


This is a software focused mainly on the supervision of your bank accounts.  It allows the users to virtually manage their credits, loans, savings, and investments.  Reports on all the user’s financial information and records may also be created.

It allows users to create and follow a budget that is designed or customed at your own needs and goals.  It also allows the user to download a report of his or her financial information.

This program works best for students or people who are paying off their student loans.  It helps calculate monthly loan payments and the generation of the schedule of the payments.  It provides its users with tables, forms, and charts to make financial balancing easier to understand.

My Virtual StrongBox

This software helps families check their financial records and data.  In addition, it also allows the upload and download of numerous types of data without the maximum time limitation for file storage.

Credit Sesame

It is an online application that comes in for free.  It is designed to assist its users in dealing with their loans, credits, and debts.  Users are able to get their financial score only by giving out their social security number.  More importantly, the information and transactions users make are highly confidential and are never offered to external sources.

Money Dashboard

This is a web-based budgeting tool that helps users track, manage, and deal with earning, savings, and expenses.  in addition, users are assured that their the system is secured since it does not require them of any personal information.

It uses graphs and charts for users to better visualize their financial progress.  With this tool, users are able to have a good sight on their total monetary value as the program aides in calculating it by adding up all the financial assets and deducting from them all the liabilities.

Money Vista

Helps users plan their finances better for the future by helping them create their own budgets and saving policies.

The site is primarily designed for users who wish to save their money.  Users are allowed to set up their savings accounts and create their own savings goals.  In addition, they are also allowed to track their financial progress in the site.

This finance toll offers a different service for its users.  It serves as a boot camp that requires users to spend 20 to 30 minutes a day to complete. It includes guides on how to save more, other ways to save, how to protect assets, and how to better manage credit cards and debts.  It functions like personal trainers for money, but charges for free.

In addition to all these financial tools, it would also be best if you are able to clear your credit card debts off the soonest time you can.  It’s a good way to begin your journey to a successful financial management.

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