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For petite women who are in their 70s or older, it can sometimes be difficult to sort through a sea of garments that 20 or 30-something petites would wear in search of appropriate attire. Although major department stores, such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Dillards have some clothing that’s appropriate for women at any age, petite women over 70 may want to take a look at these fashion shopping sites that have clothing that offers looser fit, draped styling, and pullover design. Also, consider shopping sites for petite women in their 50s. There’s no rule that says you have to stop shopping at one place and start shopping at another place just because you had a birthday!

Pendleton Woolen Mills.
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Pendleton has over 300 garments especially sized for the petite woman. The size range in petite clothing goes from 2 to 18. As we would expect from a company that’s been known for its woolen products for decades, many of the garments are made of wool. Here you can find wool skirts, dresses, pants, and jackets, but not every garment is made of wool. Pendleton’s travel garments are made of synthetic material and other garments, especially blouses and tops, are cotton or blends of cotton and synthetic fibers. With skirt lengths that are longer than you’ll find at retailers that cater to the 20-something crowd, Pendleton may be a good place to shop for both classic woolen wear and casual clothing. Petite women in their 70s who like to dress in Western style should be able to find some appropriate clothing at Pendleton, too. Prairie gingham and plaid, prints inspired by Native American design, and boyfriend slim jeans are some of Pendleton’s Petites’ garments that reflect the West.

Draper’s & Damon’s is a good source for petite women in their 70s and older who like to wear coordinated pants outfits. Draper’s & Damon’s carries the Alfred Dunner brand as well as Brownstudio garments. Both of these brands offer easy-care clothing, coordinated tops and pants, and pants with elastic in the waistbands for comfort. Petites size ranges vary by brand. Dresses, including special occasion wear, and skirts are also available from Draper’s & Damon’s, and lengths are below the knee. Petite women in their 70s might want to avoid the tea-length skirts and dresses in favor of dresses and skirts that fall just below the knee for the most flattering appearance.


Although TravelSmith doesn’t have a lot of garments especially sized for petites, it offers tops, pants, skirts, dresses, and outerwear. As the name says, TravelSmith is for travelers, and all of its petite garments are designed for women on the go with features such as fabrics that don’t wrinkle, styles that aren’t too tight for long hours in a car, train, or airplane, and pockets that close with zippers in jackets and coats. The range of petite sizes is 4P to18P although every style may not be available in the full size range. Since many women in their 70s enjoy traveling and have time to travel, this site may be worth visiting.

For budget shopping, Amerimark has clothing at low prices. For petite women in their 70s who are looking for comfortable clothing that is not close-fitted, Amerimark has pants and skirts with elastic waistbands, loose-fitted tops, and sundresses, both short and long, with pullover styling. The pullover styling saves a woman from having to struggle with a back zipper and may be especially handy for women in their 70s or older who have arthritis or mobility problems. In addition to daytime clothing, you can also find sleepwear for petites at Amerimark.

Neiman Marcus offers over 500 garments especially sized for the petite woman who doesn’t mind spending some money on her clothing. Price-wise, Neiman Marcus is on the high end of the spectrum for petites clothing. Neiman Marcus carries Eileen Fisher petites clothing, appealing for its drapey style and relaxed fit. In addition to the most extensive selection of Eileen Fisher petites clothing that you’ll find at any department store, Neiman Marcus also has some petite garments from the following brands: Joan Vass, Misook, Go Silk, NYDJ, Berek, and Caroline Rose. Everything in the Petites department at Neiman Marcus is something a petite woman in her 70s or older could wear.

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