Top Spooky Classic Rock Songs List for Halloween


These are the songs that you DON’T want to listen to on a dark night when you’re all alone (especially if it’s raining, which tends to heighten the effect, at least in the movies). In fact, these classic rock songs are perfect for Halloween.

Ray Davies and Jim Rodford of The Kinks — performance in Manheim, Germany,1979.

Klaus Hiltscher/Wikimedia Commons 

Credit for this one goes to one of our readers, who says, “the one which scared me most was the dark hints behind the lyrics of ‘Wicked Annabella'” which is on The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society. No kidding!

In a dark and misty house,
Where no Christian man has been,
Wicked Annabella mixes a brew
That no one’s ever seen.
Don’t go into woods tonight,
‘Cause underneath the sticks and stones
Are lots of little demons enslaved by Annabella
Waiting just to carry you home

Hey, did anybody else feel that cold chill just now …?

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