Top Ten Paintball Tips and Tricks


There are many tips that can improve your game of paintball that don’t require massive amounts of money or new equipment. Each of these ten tips can be used to improve your game without costing any more than you already spend.

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If you know you can’t shoot well when you run, save it for practice and don’t try it in a game. If you know you can’t win a high-speed shootout, don’t try. If you know your gun isn’t accurate beyond 60 feet, save your paint. When you know what your limitations are, you won’t get yourself into trouble nearly as often. You should always work to get better, but a big game is not the right time.

Don’t Be the Hero

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Paintball players have a tendency to want to be the star of the show and that often gets them into trouble. If you want occasional individual glory, feel free to try every game to win on your own. If, though, you actually want to win regularly, focus on teamwork and strategy.

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