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Last Updated on December 25, 2021

Technology is ubiquitous, and people and businesses use it alike. A large chunk of the reason that people rely on technology so heavily is because it makes life much easier.

People use cellphones every single day in order to communicate with one another and to get information about the outside world, whereas business operations are also much more efficient when technology is brought into question. From keeping in touch with family members on the other side of the world to completing business transactions with enterprises in various countries, technology has created a highly accessible, connected world, and it is only set to increase as more innovations come onto the market.

As time passes, technology continues to progress forward, and it offers new and unique opportunities that people can take advantage of. Here is a list of some of the trending technologies that have been gaining popularity over the last year.


Cloud computing

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular as it’s an easy way to store all of your data online. The cloud is an on-demand service, which utilizes the internet to allow people to save documents, images, and files in one safe location.

What’s more, it enables the user to access the files wherever they are in the world, meaning there’s no need for physical files to accompany you if you opt to work from a café or view holiday photos when visiting relatives.

Businesses, in particular, benefit from this invention given that it gives everyone in the office easy access to company files, as they are stored in one succinct spot.

Moreover, it frees up space from the computer hard drive, as cloud computing operates over the internet. Remote working is only growing in popularity as businesses and employees value the delicate work-life balance, and the cloud is a key component of enabling remote work.


An interlock device installation for your car

car tools

Drinking alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of your car is not only illegal, but it is also highly dangerous. It’s dangerous for you, any passenger, pedestrians and fellow road users.

For this reason, it’s crucial you leave the car at home if you plan on drinking while you’re out. Plus, if you have ever been charged with drinking and driving, the likelihood that you are allowed back behind the wheel soon after is slim. However, there is now a car device that can monitor your blood alcohol level.

This is called an interlock device installation, and it will allow you to keep your license and drive, so long as you don’t get another DUI, and of course, so long as this technological gadget is installed in your car.


Package management

Storage Facility

E-commerce is extremely prevalent in the modern age, allowing consumers to purchase items from anywhere in the world and receive them to their front door. Whether it’s food, clothes, or more niche items, the internet has opened a vast variety of options for shopping opportunities.

The notion of purchasing items online that will arrive at your front doorstep is widely adopted by people all over. However, how can you guarantee that your parcel will be there if you aren’t home to receive it?

The answer is yet another trending technology known as smart lockers. This locker will ensure a secure and straightforward arrival and retrieval of your package! How it works is by utilizing an infrared scanner to detect packages, ensuring the delivery driver can place the item into the locker and lock it securely for the customer.

What’s more, you can now download mobile apps which allow you to remotely control the delivery, along with built-in cloud-based video, ensuring you can check the security of the locker from wherever you are.


3D printing

3D printing

3D printing is a technological innovation that is continuing to be tinkered with, and one which is expanding. It’s important to note, above all, that 3D printing is important in current society.

It is a gadget that will be used across a variety of different industries, whether in healthcare, architectural, and so on.

With 3D printing, you can create any new object at your will, and for example, should something plastic break in your coffee machine, you could easily replace it using a 3D printer. 3D printing is making waves in industries such as healthcare, where it’s now enabled doctors to create prosthetics for humans. What’s more, 3D printing has enabled scientists to create tissues and organs, as a substitute for organ donations from deceased patients.

How this works is the technology builds organs using stem cells as the production material. Once built, these incredible innovations can then grow inside the body of a sick patient to replace their organ failures, such as a kidney or liver.


Virtual and augmented reality

man wearing black vr goggles

Virtual and augmented reality is furthermore being used in the gaming industry to come up with new and exciting sources of entertainment, but other industries are making use of this as well. Whether it’s for educational purposes and thereby having people immerse themselves in a story or something else, this technological gadget is currently trending.

Industries such as Architecture, for example, can use virtual reality to design and model new buildings while being able to view how they would appear, rather than solely seeing a blueprint.

They can view 3D structures, and highlight areas which will require changes, and which may work well. Furthermore, these 3D images can appear life-sized, should the architect place virtual reality glasses on.


Machine learning

smartphone on laptop computer on top of brown wooden desk

Machine learning and AI is increasingly popular due to the fact that it assists with any task the algorithm is trained for. However, this technology is branching out further than algorithms and simple computer programs.

A variety of ways it is now being utilized includes Google’s self-driving car, online recommendations for Netflix and Amazon, and detecting fraud. Fraud detection is one of the most important ways this vital technology is changing the world, yet it can be argued that Netflix recommendations is a popular one for viewers!

Machine learning is crucial in the modern world as it enables processing to become cheaper and more powerful. When a machine can automatically analyze crucial data in a business, and deliver fast, accurate results, the business uses it only stands to boost their productivity and, in turn, their bottom line. What’s more, machine learning can ensure businesses avoid risks, which may have gone unnoticed by human error.

A vast variety of industries are harnessing the power of machine learning, including:

  • Financial services
  • Governments around the world
  • Healthcare
  • Retail enterprises
  • Oil and gas companies
  • Transportation

Technology has drastically changed the way the world works, and it has impacted every single industry.

From allowing scientists to engineer crucial organs for sick patients to retail companies being able to recommend further products and boost their profits, the digital world is here to stay. What’s more, the above trends are only set to gain more popularity in future years.

However, there’s no telling what the future holds. Could driver-less cars be the answer to public transport, with companies such as Uber utilizing them to ferry passengers from A to B?

Could delivery drivers be a thing of the past, with multi-million dollar enterprises, such as Amazon, using drones to deliver to customers houses, and using smart lockers to keep their items safe?

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