Types of Hardwood Flooring Repair You Might Need To Opt For


Last Updated on July 1, 2021

Hardwood flooring looks stupendous and even the most expensive marble cannot bring in the feeling that hardwood flooring can in the house.

Hardwood flooring is known to create a different ambience altogether. The finishing, elegance and the style quotient is simply amazing.

Even if the interior of the house is not occupied by much of artifacts and furniture then also the overall space looks brilliantly exquisite. It is no wonder why people with a different sense of home interior opt for hardwood flooring instead of marble and granite. 

Hardwood flooring has that natural look which enhances the overall appeal of the interior of the house. But like every other thing in the world needs repair and maintenance there are some hardwood flooring issues which the home owner has to deal with.

Hardwood flooring is also prone to damage and timely repair help to sustain it for a long time. The cost of refinishing the hardwood flooring is much less than installing complete hardwood flooring. The refinishing depends upon the condition of the floor, type of wood flooring and the area to be refinished.

Hardwood flooring refinishing work is a big job because it includes everything from moving the furniture, protecting house from dust, bringing in drum sanders, coping with polyurethane odor and odor of other finishing products.

The problem with hardwood flooring is that wood is fibrous and porous and with the change in temperature it expand and contract which can result in separation of boards or the nails might loosen.

The structural problem of the house and natural settling of the house also result in separation of wood board. If left unattended for a relatively longer time the hardwood flooring can get ruined and hence the refinishing work should be left in the hands of flooring contractors Chicago.

Below are mentioned some hardwood flooring repair types which a home owner has to deal with at some point of time. 

Floor Scratches

The most common issue for which people call hardwood floor refinishing is floor scratches. The intensity of the floor scratches can vary a lot.

Minor scratches can mostly be buffed away by hand sanding or steel wool along with sandpaper grits.

Most hardwood flooring Chicago refinishing companies inspect the area affected by scratches then progress ahead with the refinishing work. 

In general cases the sanding of minor scratches is restricted to a particular area so to eliminate the scratches and feathering into the surrounding surface.

The general rule of thumb illustrated by most flooring installation contractors is to always buff or sand in line with the wood grain. For polyurethane finishes the refinishing contractor uses the scouring pad dipped in mineral spirits. 

Most flooring companies Chicago contractors advise not to get the wood floor waxed which has been coated with polyurethane because this creates problem in re-coating in future. 

Water Damage

Water is not the best friend of hardwood flooring. As mentioned above the hardwood is fibrous and porous, the water gets locked in the nodes and damage the finish badly, leave rings and often discolor it.

In the worst of cases water can make the hardwood flooring to warp, cup, buckle or grow mold.

The severity of water damage to hardwood flooring can range from minor to major. Reasons can be many like bursting of an appliance supply hose, leaking potted plant, flooding, water pipe burst etc.

If the hardwood flooring boards are damaged severely then the refinishing contractor will replace the board of the entire area.

Warped boards can damage adjacent boards also so it is better to get them removed or replaced. If some area of the flooring has been affected by severe water damage then only the particular area has to be replaced with identical wood boards. 

Hardwood gouges and dents

If the hardwood flooring swells in some part because of water spill or potted plant leakage the contractors generally heat treat the area with a heat gun.

When there are deep gouges and dents then wood floor fillers are used to fill in the dents. Along with wood stain the dents and gouges completely gets mixed in the surrounding area.

Replacing the damaged wooden floor

Rotted sections of the hardwood flooring needs to be removed and replaced. This is a major job because it involves cutting out a section, replacing it with the exact size board, gluing, nailing, filling of the cracks, sanding and refinishing.

Replacing the damaged flooring is not only a major task but also financially concerning. Beside this, the biggest hurdle in getting the damaged wood replaced is finding the exact matching wood with same pattern.

The contractor often tries to do the best but if overlooked then cracks can prevail in the boards. 

Hardwood flooring looks fabulous but it is not entirely damage proof. The best a home owner can do is to identify the damage and get it repaired from a reputed hardwood flooring contractor as early as possible.  


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water washing machine moving on laminate floor water based floor polyurethane home depot water based polyurethane finish problems water based polyurethane home depot water based wood filler home depot water coming up through wood floor water popping floors water popping maple floors water under floating wood floor wavy nails for wood what can i use to fill gaps in floorboards what causes a wood floor to buckle what causes dark spots on hardwood floors what causes hardwood floors to buckle what causes laminate floors to buckle what causes tile floor to buckle what causes wood floors to cup what causes wood floors to separate what color baseboard with dark wood floor what color wood floor goes with cherry furniture what do you call someone who lays flooring what does a subfloor look like what does hardwood floors mean what happens if you don t acclimate bamboo flooring what happens if you don t acclimate hardwood floor what is uncured polyurethane what makes hardwood floors buckle what to do about gaps in hardwood floors what to do with extra wood flooring what to do with old hardwood flooring what to put on bottom of furniture for wood floors what to use to fill gaps in floorboards what wood is my floor what would cause hardwood floors to buckle when can you walk on polyurethane wood floors where to buy replacement floorboards which way should you run wood flooring which way to lay wood flooring white brick paneling home depot white painted engineered wood flooring white spots on hardwood floor white washed wood floors reviews why do hardwood floors buckle why do hardwood floors cup why do wood floors cup why does my floor make my feet black why is my wood floor turning black why would wood floors buckle wide floor boards wide plank dark hardwood flooring wide plank flooring cupping wide plank light wood flooring wide plank light wood floors wood and laminate floor gap sealant wood bleaching kit wood block flooring repairs wood crack filler home depot wood edger home depot wood filler for floorboards wood floor adhesive home depot wood floor beading white wood floor bleaching kit wood floor buckled from water wood floor buckling wood floor buckling causes wood floor buckling fix wood floor buckling repair wood floor buckling up wood floor bump wood floor clear coat wood floor colors pictures wood floor crack filler wood floor crack filler products wood floor cracking wood floor cupping wood floor cupping and crowning wood floor cupping repair wood floor cupping water damage wood floor damage wood floor damage repair wood floor dent repair wood floor discoloration wood floor discolored under rug wood floor drying mat rental wood floor filler home depot wood floor finishes wood floor gap filler wood floor gap repair wood floor glue home depot wood floor glue repair kit wood floor got wet and buckled wood floor in kitchen good or bad wood floor installation materials wood floor installer job description wood floor is cupping wood floor joints wood floor kit wood floor lacquer repair wood floor of the year wood floor or wooden floor wood floor over wood floor wood floor patch wood floor pics wood floor pieces wood floor planks separating wood floor raising up wood floor refinishing kit wood floor repair wood floor repair and refinishing wood floor repair home depot wood floor repair kit home depot wood floor repair near me wood floor sander home depot wood floor seams wood floor separating wood floor separating in winter wood floor separating slab wood floor separating winter wood floor sliding glass door transition wood floor spaces between boards wood floor stain and sealer in one wood floor stain repair wood floor tools needed wood floor top coat wood floor top view wood floor touch up wood floor turning black wood floor vents home depot wood floor water damage repair cupping wood floor wax home depot wood floors buckling humidity wood floors creak in summer wood floors in kitchen problems wood floors separating in winter wood floors with white baseboards wood grain filler home depot wood grain humidifier wood mode touch up kit wood mood hardwood flooring wood peeling off furniture wood piece between rooms wood plank edging wood putty home depot wood rough after polyurethane wood stain separated wood staining problems wood stair treads lumber liquidators wood table water damage bubble wooden floor beading wooden floor edging wooden floor house interior wooden floorboards wooden flooring is good or not woodfloors org worn spots hardwood floors worn spots on hardwood floors worn wood finish worn wood floors

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