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Ask the average person what their sun sign is, and they can tell you the answer. Sun signs are determined by when you were born, and they’re the most well-known form of astrology, but they’re just one part of the astrological picture. There are other lesser-known planets and stars that you should pay attention to to obtain a more complete astrological reading.

Today we’re going to talk about the planet Venus, specifically about Venus in Aries, which can be highly revealing when it comes to romance and love compatibility.

How to Determine Your Venus Sign

Venus, the second planet closest to the sun after Mercury, is the planet of love, beauty, and money. It features prominently in several cultures and mythologies, and Venus’s prominent role continues to be the case today. The planet received its name from the Roman goddess of love and fertility, and it rules aesthetics, creativity, social gatherings, and money.

To determine your Venus sign, you have to know where Venus was positioned the night of your birth. Different constellations correspond to each of the twelve zodiac signs, and you have to figure out which constellation Venus was located in or near on your birthday. You can find this information using a Venus sign chart.

When Venus Is in Aries

The planet of Venus orbits the sun in about 225 days, and as it passes through each of the sun signs, it takes on their traits. Venus is most potent when it’s in Taurus and Libra because Venus rules these planets. We can say then that Venus feels its best when it passes through these sun signs. However, the story changes when Venus is in Aries, where it’s in detriment.

Conflicting Energy

When a planet is in detriment, it means that it’s in a sign opposite to the one it rules, which in this case is Libra. Planets in detriment lack strength because they are not in an ideal placement. For Venus, the least ideal of all the placements is in Aries because it doesn’t feel sufficiently strong there.

The conflicting energy between Venus and Aries is what makes this location so tricky. Venus is calm, soft, and sweet, which is totally out of line with rowdy, self-centered, and burly Aries. Venus is the planet of cooperation, harmony, and partnerships, while Aries is independent and self-focused.

Venus in Aries Woman Traits

So what does this difficult placement mean on a practical level for a woman born with Venus in Aries?

Defining the Venus in Aries Woman

Let’s start with some words that can help us describe the traits of a Venus in Aries woman:

  • Self-assured
  • Brave
  • Independent
  • Impetuous
  • Firm
  • Conscious
  • Self-starting

Now let’s take a closer look at her character. A Venus in Aries woman leaves no one indifferent. She’s happy, relaxed, and easy-going, but at the same time, she loves action and being in movement. Indecision is not her thing; she’s dominant and takes the lead, even when she shouldn’t. She’s known to act rashly from time to time and loves a good thrill. Nothing can stop her from getting what she wants.

A Venus in Aries woman is direct and honest, and she loves to challenge herself to be better. She is full of confrontational energy that is always bubbling under the surface, ready to be released whenever someone tries her. She’s not always the most talented person in the room when it comes to the arts or creativity, but she still needs to engage in artistic activities.

Her bold and brave personality might be a bit abrasive to people who aren’t like her. She often finds herself in competition with other women, who find her excitable energy and need to be the center of attention threatening. She may dominate others so much that they feel left out, and as a result, her relationships with women are complicated more often than not.

Communication Style

A Venus in Aries woman has an open communication style. There’s nothing shy about her, and she’s direct and upfront about what she wants—which is especially true if she is interested in someone, either physically or emotionally. She loves to make the first move, and her bold personality motivates her to do so.

Venus in Aries Woman in Love and Sex

Now let’s take a look at how this placement affects a Venus in Aries woman in love and sex.


When it comes to love, she’s the exact opposite of timid and insecure. A Venus in Aries woman takes the lead in her love life. She’s not afraid to make it clear when she likes someone, and she’s fearless in going after someone she’s interested in. Though she dislikes flirting games (a Venus in Aries woman prefers to be upfront about her feelings), she loves the thrill of the chase.

Being the object of her attention can be overwhelming, however. She is known to be somewhat impatient when pursuing a love interest and dumps her undivided attention on that person in her pursuit. This total focus initially sparks passion (that sometimes ends in a quick, ill-conceived marriage), though it often ends up being unsustainable and leads to anticlimactic endings.

Because a Venus in Aries woman has difficulty with routine, passivity, and being stagnant, she falls in and out of love quickly. Despite the fact that her need for love is urgent and pressing and she’s always in the moment, it’s difficult for her partners to depend on her.

And although she’s not afraid to share her feelings, she typically has a hard time expressing them. Her partners often feel that she shows less emotion than they would like.


As you might expect, a Venus in Aries woman is highly passionate. She loves to be intimate, and she’s willing to explore sides of her sexuality that others might not dare to. The type of lovers who attract her are people who will be direct with her; remember, she doesn’t like to wonder how her love interest feels about her.

She is, however, addicted to the thrill of the chase. She loves to be surprised with spontaneous sexual encounters, and she’s a sultry lover if you end up sleeping with her. All you need to keep her by your side is to fill her with passion in the bedroom. If you fail to keep things interesting, she won’t hesitate to move on to someone who does.


Given her penchant for falling in love quickly, you may wonder if it’s realistic to trust a Venus in Aries woman.

Sure, she’s known to become infatuated quickly, but falling hard and fast doesn’t mean she believes in being with more than one person at a time. If she finds herself interested enough in a third party to want to pursue that person, it’s a sign that her current partner isn’t cutting it for her.

A Venus in Aries woman in this situation will cut ties with her partner before beginning a physical relationship with someone else. She avoids what is considered the traditional definition of cheating, but she plays fast and loose with this definition in other senses.

She is an unstoppable flirt and will keep flirting with others, regardless of her relationship status. She may also even form emotional connections that could be considered cheating, though she would be devastated to find out that her partner was doing the same behind her back.

Venus in Aries Woman Money Matters

When it comes to money matters, a Venus in Aries woman’s motto is “spend first, think about how to pay for it later.” She is an impulse buyer and especially can’t resist spending money on things she thinks are innovative or unusual. She is known to buy something that a few days later, she no longer wants.

Spending wisely and saving are two financial best practices that are extremely challenging for her. She loves instant gratification and is very spontaneous, two traits that are the enemies of financial health. A Venus in Aries woman is not the best at budgeting or sticking to her money goals.

But she’s not all about material purchases. Her adventure-seeking nature means that she is happy to spend as much money as needed on experiences or adventures, as she understands that they will become fantastic memories later.

Last Thoughts on Venus in Aries Woman

The conflicting energy of Venus in detriment makes it challenging—and some might say impossible—for this planet to manage the power of Aries.

A woman born under Venus in Aries is feisty and seductive, and she seeks the same qualities in a romantic partner. She thrives on new experiences and having adventures, and she’s a highly independent person. A Venus in Aries woman is always ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice, and she has a domineering personality that others frequently misread.

Despite the occasional difficulty getting others to understand her, women born in Venus in Aries have a unique brand of conviction, charisma, and self-awareness that allow them to attain whatever they want in life.

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