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The ruling planet for Libra is Venus. When Venus is in Libra, the planet amplifies the traits typically associated with Libra. The usually fair and balanced sign becomes more attracted to arts, reading, conversation, and wooing those around them. It might be difficult to understand what “Venus in Libra” means if you’re new to astrology, so let’s briefly explain what that entails.

What Venus Means in Astrology

The planet Venus is named after the Roman goddess Venus, who controlled desire, beauty, love, sex, fertility, and victory. In astrology, Venus controls your tastes, courtship style, and how motivated you are for hedonism. When Venus is in your birth chart, you get some of these traits melded with the traits of the zodiac sign.

Now, as mentioned previously, Libra is ruled by Venus. That explains Libra’s love for beauty, relationships, romance, and the arts. So when Venus is in Libra, the energy from both the sign and the planet double, making the Venus in Libra man supercharged with astral energy.

If you’re a man with Venus in Libra, here’s what that means for you.

You Quite Enjoy Feminine Energy

Now, lots of guys get antsy when they’re compared to women or look feminine, but you’re not one of them. You’re very in touch with your feminine side and don’t shy away from it all. This doesn’t mean that you present femininely, but you aren’t afraid to talk about your feelings, do the washing up or cleaning, or anything else considered traditionally feminine.

You’re not sensitive like other guys are about, say, painting your nails or growing your hair out. Even if you prefer nude nails and short hair cuts, you don’t see an inherent problem with having a more feminine presentation. You don’t see anything inherently wrong with the feminine.

You quite enjoy feminine activities or behaviors in your life. You like having a lot of feminine friends because they provide a different perspective on your life than all-male friends do. You like taking care of yourself and grooming regularly so that you maintain a well-maintained appearance.

Since you’re a Libra, you probably like shopping for fine clothes, watching all sorts of movies, and spending lazy Sunday mornings reading books. You gravitate towards the quiet and beautiful when other men like more boisterous, energetic activities. You can partake in such activities, but you find them tiring.

Enjoying the feminine energy in your life doesn’t have anything to do with your sexuality or sexual preferences. It simply means that you’re a more well-rounded man because you’re not repressing or disrespecting the feminine aspects of your personality and preferences. The people you date often admire your ability to tap into that part of you.

In Fact, You Can Be the ‘Ladies Man’

Libras, in general, are romantic, but that extra boost from Venus means you have no trouble picking up ladies (or gentlemen, or anyone else you prefer).

You’re intelligent, clever, and funny. You know how to flirt without coming on too strong or in a creepy way. You find pleasure in the game of love — making eye contact with someone at a bar and smiling at them, striking up a conversation, and seeing if they enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs.

The pursuit of love is exciting and full of surprises, but you have the intuitive grace to handle it masterfully. You don’t approach love with the reckless optimism and clumsy steps as young people tend to do. Even if you are physically young in age, you have an approach to love that’s far beyond your years.

Because you intrinsically know how to flirt, you find that you’re successful when it comes to dating. Most of the dates you go on tend to go somewhere, whether it’s on another date or straight to the bedroom. You often find that you’re able to secure someone’s interest in you, so you’re left trying to find people who match your wit, intelligence, humor, and flirting skills.

Dating is fun, and you can’t get enough of it. You like how you meet so many different, interesting people when going on casual dates. When you find someone who you truly like, you enjoy getting to know them on ever-deepening levels.

Love is about exploration to you, whether it’s the people in this world or the world within individual people. While some people like hiking through jungles to see the different types of environment, you like roaming around someone’s mind to see what interesting things you’ll find.

You Find Fulfillment in Relationships

To you, a good life is filled with people who you love and who love you back. This means that you put a lot of effort into relationships, whether they’re platonic, romantic, or professional. As a general rule, you don’t like treating people rudely because you’re worried about how negative behavior can alter the course of a relationship.

You like making people feel cared for and loved. You try not to flake on those close to you if you can help it. You’re not a superficial or flippant sign like Gemini — you’re there for the long haul for those who mean the most to you.

While this concern for relationships is certainly positive, it can have its downsides as well. For instance, sometimes, you forgive toxic people and keep them in your life because the idea of getting rid of someone who you genuinely cared for unsettles you. You tend to forgive people and see past their faults — even when they’re adding more negativity to your life than positives.

It’s hard for you to cut out people who don’t deserve your time and attention because you care for the relationship, even bad ones. You can overexert yourself and your emotional capabilities when it comes to relationships. If you’re not careful, you can let people walk all over you without realizing it.

Not only that, but the focus on relationships can stunt your professional growth. You love hanging out with friends, but the time you use to socialize could be used to study or grow a professional project, like a book or business. You often value quality time with friends over things that can advance your career or quality of life.

It’s nice that you like hanging out with people and maintaining good relationships with those around you. Feeling connected to a group of people is important as a human, but there comes a time when you have to look at your relationships and decide if they’re worth keeping. Not only that, but you need to decide if you can’t make room for other professional projects as well.

You’re the Peacemaker and Mediator

Since you’re a Libra and value relationships, you often find yourself in the mediator role. You see both sides of an issue, so you find it difficult to pick a side should two of your friends argue. Finding a compromise is a natural talent of yours, and you keep conflicts from escalating if you can help it.

You keep this same drive to maintain peace in your own life as well. You’re not an argumentative person, even if something is bothering you. You find ways to tell the person who’s bothering you to stop it in a polite manner. If you can’t do that, you can still keep your cool even in a tense situation. That’s the classic Libra balance coming in handy.

People often remark how chill and level-headed you are. You invite people to tell you their secrets because they know they can trust you and that you’ll handle them with care. You’re generally a trustworthy person, and that’s because you keep your cool and don’t cause drama.

You Prefer Understated Charm Over Strong Come-Ons

An example of an understated charm would be someone who slowly releases their positive traits versus inundating you all at once. This is the person who’s perhaps well-off and takes care of their body but doesn’t flaunt it.

There’s something sexy about quiet confidence. When flirting with someone, you love it when someone knows how to use their assets strategically, like a game of chess, rather than bull-rushing you from the start.

You’ve never enjoyed drunken encounters that are purely bodily and primal. You need that intellectual element as well. You need to feel as if a situation has built to the moment of passion rather than passion being the appetizer.

When someone has a quiet confidence, they have patience. They know that they’re worth the time investment, and that’s what makes it fun. Things that take longer and more work tend to pay off in the end.

If someone can match this preference of yours, you’ll often find it difficult to stop thinking about them. The aloofness behind their demeanor but restrained affection for you makes you wonder what else they’re hiding — and what else they can give you.

Those were some of the top things you should know about a Venus in Libra man. Did they match your personality?

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