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Charming, kind, romantic, and a lover of all things beautiful. That sounds like a woman born with Venus in Libra. If you want to keep learning more about this particular arrangement, keep reading.

What Does Venus Do in Astrology?

To first learn what Venus the planet does in astrology, we have to learn how Venus the Roman god influenced it.

Venus was the Roman god of love, sex, desire, fertility, and victory. You might have heard of her Greek counterpart Aphrodite. They essentially filled the same role in their culture’s mythology, though each has unique characteristics not found in the other culture.

Venus is one of the most celebrated goddesses in Roman mythology for her power to bestow love and beauty on her followers. She’s found in many myths, too, such as the myth of Narcissus.

Venus is a powerful goddess, and so the power of Venus the planet is strong as well, sharing some of the traits Venus the goddess has. The planet Venus controls someone’s desire, how they love, how they behave in relationships, and their affinity towards aesthetically pleasing objects.

Many of the planet Venus’ characteristics are translated into astrology. If you have a Venus in Libra, then, you have an amalgamation of what Venus controls and what Libra influences to dictate your personality. Since Venus and Libras are both romantic, women with Venus in Libra tend to be romantic as well and find great value in good relationships.

There are other aspects to learn about women with Venus in Libra, which you can find below. If you’re a Venus in Libra woman, you might be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

You Can Always Rely on Your Natural Sense of Balance

Libra is symbolized by the weighted scale. It’s the symbol of your natural ability to find balance and stability no matter what situation you’re in. Are you having a rough day? You’ll find the positives in it to give it some meaning. Looking to decorate a room? You know where to place the side table and the potted plants so that it’s not heavy on one side.

When you get stressed, you can always intuit how to balance out your energy. You know that you need to draw a warm, bubbly bath at the end of a taxing day. You know to give your romantic partner a nice gift when you feel like you’ve been on edge lately, perhaps making them feel on edge too.

You’d be surprised at how useful a natural sense of balance is, especially when compared to signs who lack it. Take Gemini, for example, a sign characterized by its impulsivity and constant fluctuation.

Gemini is the type of person to have a passionate beginning of a relationship that often fizzles out in a couple of weeks or months. Gemini can often impulse buy expensive items without considering the budget they’ve put on themselves. That’s not to say that these traits are inherently bad — some people find these devil-may-care traits exciting. But you’re not like that.

You dislike feeling extreme in any way. Extremely stressed, extremely sad, extremely angry. Even extreme happiness feels odd to you because you’re concerned about what will happen when you find it’s equally intense negation to achieve balance again.

Use your self of balance to your advantage to keep you cool, calm, and collected in stressful situations. Be glad that this sense of stability keeps you from using your resources — financial, physical, and mental — unsustainably.

You Strive to Keep Harmony In Yourself and Others

Because of this natural sense of balance, you often find yourself as the mediator in conflicts. You can’t pick a side and stick to it because you’ll see valid points on the other side as well. If two of your friends are arguing, you’ll act as the peacemaker to get them to find a compromise.

Conflict mitigation comes easily to you. Because of that, you rarely get into fights yourself. You’d rather de-escalate a situation and take things back to normal than find excitement or drama in extreme emotion.

Perhaps you find pleasure in resolving conflicts. A career in finding the balance between two opposing sides may appeal to you, such as a job in law or journalism. Even if you decide not to capitalize on this natural ability of yours, your conflict mediation means people come to you for advice on how to keep a situation smooth while boosting people’s trust in you too.

You Value Relationships Above All Else

A good life to you isn’t one filled with riches and a big house filled with expensive items (though you don’t think it would hurt). You want to have a life filled with people who love you and support you. You want a social circle filled with genuine connections and deep emotional bonds. Even if you live a humble life, these relationships are what make it so rich.

Therefore, you make sure you’re the best friend, partner, coworker, or employee possible. You don’t flake on commitments, and you make sure that your partner feels loved. You don’t shirk your responsibilities, and you try your hardest to ensure that you provide the max benefit for the organization you work for.

You want to maintain these strong relationships, so you make sure not to shirk any of your responsibilities in that matter. But this preoccupation with ensuring good relationships means you can often find yourself in toxic ones.

Again, you tend to see both sides of an issue as well as easily forgive people. You tend to intrinsically care about people, even going so far as to care about anti-heroes in the media or other bad guys. This can mean you often let toxic people stay in your life because you want to salvage the relationship — even at the cost of your emotional health.

You value relationships so hard that you find it difficult to cut out negative people from your life. What if they change? What if they turn around and you’re not there to see it — or help them get to a better place? You want to help those around you see a different perspective, even if doing so hurts you in the process.

Therefore, take this advice: it’s okay to keep negative people in your life if you think the relationship can still provide some positivity in your life. But if it’s a relationship out of convenience or one that you’ve had for a long time but turned stale, consider ending it. It will hurt to do so, but it will also free up room for the more helpful people in your life.

Beautiful Things Are Your Weakness

When you were a kid, you loved art museums because you were inundated with some of the most beautiful things in the world. Paintings. Sculptures. Drawings. Other things that defy categorization but were nice to look at nonetheless. You’ve always gravitated toward things that look nice.

Libra and Venus combine their energies to give you the ultimate weakness for aesthetic refinement and decadence. You like owning pretty things and making your living space pop with personal flair. You can’t stand to live in an empty room with just a bed and desk. Functionality is nice, but it’s boring. Your room needs to look nice for you to be happy.

Therefore, finding yourself in drab circumstances can take its toll on your mental health, such as having to live with someone who doesn’t know how to decorate a place with style and panache. When you get your hands on some paint and neat thrift store finds, you can transform a room to fit your aesthetic tastes.

When you’re down, going to view some art or buying some nice clothes can always pick you up.

It Takes a While for You to Become Sexual

Libras are romantic, yes. You love a good night of flirting and charming quips about one’s appearance or other endowments. But Libra is one of the more cerebral zodiac signs. You like to pick people’s brains and get to know them on a personal level, not a physical one. Therefore, having a sexual connection with someone comes when you’ve built ample trust with them.

You’re not one to have the pleasures of a one-night stand. You need something deeper than that to feel emotionally fulfilled by a sexual romp in addition to a physical one. In relationships, it can take you a while to build that basis with your partner before moving onto sex.

If for some reason, you can’t find that emotional foundation, sex will feel unsatisfying and boring to you — if you have it at all. In fact, having sex with someone when you don’t have feelings for them could make you feel guilty or like you’re lying in the relationship. You need to put in the time and energy to build an emotional bond with someone before getting in bed with them.

Venus in Libra women are funny and charming peacemakers who have a soft spot for beauty and emotional connections. We hope you liked learning more about this zodiac arrangement.

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