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Intense, powerful, and mysterious are all superb words to describe the Venus in Scorpio man. The characteristics and traits of this man run deep, and their charm is one of their biggest allures. When you combine the deep emotions and sexual nature of the Scorpio with the goddess of love, Venus, you come up with an appealing and passionate individual.

Venus in Scorpio Man: An Overview

The Venus in Scorpio man is one who is deeply in tune with his emotions. When they love someone, they do so with their entire heart, mind, and soul. They place a substantial value on love, and they make sure that their partners know that.

With a Scorpio man in Venus comes sensuality, beauty, and romance, along with finances, money, friendliness, and social appeal. Not only does he make an excellent lover, but he also makes a good friend. He tends to be very straightforward, so you know he’ll always tell you the truth.

The Venus in Scorpio man is also very intuitive. He’s great at picking up on the vibes of a room or an individual and addressing people’s needs.

This man also greatly values trust. Not only does he want you to trust him, but he expects nothing less from you. This goes for his family, friends, and romantic relationships. His intuitive nature lets him decipher easily whether someone is truthful or not.

One of his main appeals, other than his innate sexuality, is the sense of mystery that surrounds this man. The Venus in Scorpio man can be pretty secretive and guarded. While he does have a deep connection with his emotions, they are very private to him. He may seem closed off or like he’s hiding something when he’s really just protecting his own deep-rooted feelings.

It can be hard for someone to know what is really going through this man’s heart and mind, but the reality is that a Venus in Scorpio man will remain loyal and committed, regardless of what they keep hidden inside.

Jealousy is something that comes with the package that is this intense man. His extreme emotions lead him to love his woman so fiercely that he often becomes possessive and even manipulative. These same emotions can cause him to get upset quickly and hold onto things from the past that have hurt him.

Love and Relationships

The Venus in Scorpio man is an intoxicating combination of passion, obsession, commitment, and loyalty. Everything he feels, says, and does is surrounded by an aura of intensity. The Scorpio man is already an intense individual, but when you combine that passion with the love of Venus, you approach a man worthy of a romance novel.

Venus in Scorpio men rarely have any interest in superficial relationships or casual encounters. You won’t see them taking a different woman home every night, and you probably won’t find them on a dating app. They are only interested in real connections that have the potential to go all the way to the finish line. This man wants commitment and a real relationship.

As someone who is dedicated to the long-term, you can trust that a Venus in Scorpio man will remain faithful – as long as his partner promises the same to him. As we mentioned, trust is critical to a Venus in Scorpio man. When it comes to love, it is absolutely essential. Breaking the confidence of a Venus in Scorpio man is something you should never do unless you want to lose them forever.

A Venus in Scorpio man’s ideal woman is bold, charming, and sensual. She has an electrifying personality with a touch of mystery. She must also be intense and passionate like he is.

This man does an exhaustive job getting to know a woman before he commits to her. So, when he does commit, there’s a very slim chance he’ll change his mind. As long as she was honest with him, he’ll be sure about his decision.

He will put his all into his relationship. His efforts are unmatched by any other sign, and he will make sure that the bond is strong, stable, and secure for both people involved.

This kind of Scorpio man can be the possessive and jealous type. His love runs so deep that even the thought of you talking to a guy who’s just a friend might make his blood boil. He means no harm; he just can’t stand the thought of losing you.


Passion is probably the most-used word in a Venus in Scorpio man’s vocabulary. When it comes to sex, you might as well call him the master. Because of his intense emotional understanding and connection, this man is able to form a bond between what he’s feeling and what he’s doing.

To put it short and sweet, he loves spending consistent time in the bedroom.

Anyone who has ever enjoyed a sexual experience with a Venus in Scorpio man understands how magnetic his sexual energy is. He is an excellent lover who pays close attention to the needs of his partner. Though he is highly desirable, some might even find him overwhelming. That being said, no woman will ever leave him bed unsatisfied.

Venus in Scorpio men are so defined by sex and passionate love that we can identify five key turn-ons for him. The first is honesty.

After mentioning this trait three times now, it should be exceedingly clear that this man needs a partner who will be honest with him, or there will be no relationship left to nurture. Though he can come across as secretive at times, he needs his partner to be an open book with him.

A woman who is highly vulnerable and revealing with him will drive his libido crazy, drawing him closer to her both emotionally and physically.

His second biggest turn-on is loyalty and commitment. These go hand-in-hand with trust and honesty, so it makes complete sense that he would value these things. Not only does he want to be yours and only yours, but he doesn’t want you to even look at another man. Your strong emotional commitment to him will pull him into a deep love affair.

Thirdly, feminine and sexual energy really put him into the mood for a passionate romp. Women who omit seductive energy are highly attractive to him. Because of his passion for lovemaking, he needs to know that a woman can match his sexual chemistry. He likes to be enticed just as much as he likes to entice.

The fourth turn-on for this sex-driven individual is intrigue. A little bit of mystery attracts a Venus in Scorpio man, but not the kind of mystery that keeps secrets. Rather, he enjoys a little bit of the darkness in the world, such as supernatural, death, and horror. These things typically appeal to his hidden fantasies.

The final turn-on involves a bit of a challenge. A Venus in Scorpio man loves a woman who can make him jealous – without being unfaithful, of course. He enjoys the chase that sometimes accompanies a blossoming relationship, and if a woman can pique his curiosity, he will be hooked on her.

This Scorpio man loves to discover new information about a woman, so when a woman he does not know catches his eye, he delights in the adventure that is learning about her. A little mystery goes a long way with this guy, so disclosing everything about your life on the first date might deafen his interest in you.

Learning and Growth

Jealousy and possessiveness are two areas in which a Venus in Scorpio man might venture to grow and develop. It’s not wrong to love your partner intensively; in fact, many people will only dream of a love like that in their lifetime. But when your love turns to jealousy over innocent things, it can cause a feeling of distrust and insecurity in a relationship. His partner can quickly feel suffocated or trapped, unable to spend time with other males who are important to her.

That spells disaster for the relationship.

Additionally, his secretive nature might be too much for his partner to deal with. He expects his partners to be open and completely honest, so it’s only fair that he learns to do the same. It’s okay to be cautious before you learn you can trust someone, but beyond that, opening up will help him form a relationship that will last.

Finally, a Venus in Scorpio man’s intense emotions are not limited to positive things like passion, love, and intimacy. This intensity also touches on anger, frustration, and sadness. This kind of man is easily angered and does not forgive easily, which leads to long grudges and sometimes irreparable relationships. He can burn bridges quickly with his fierce and fiery tongue and unforgiving nature.

If this Scorpio man can learn to reel in his temper, he has a better chance of holding onto relationships with friends, family, and partners along the way.

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