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Scorpio women are naturally aloof and mysterious, attracting attention wherever they go with their natural magnetism. The influence of Venus can bring out the emotional side of a Scorpio woman, putting her at odds with her ruling planet, Mars. Venus in Scorpio women can be complex, and while they aren’t always the easiest to deal with, they make life an exciting ride for those around them.

The Effect of Venus on Scorpio’s Personality

The Venus in Scorpio woman is naturally magnetic, drawing people in with her flirtatious personality and her charm. While Scorpio lends her confidence and power in her bearing, the movements of Venus give her a feminine sensuality that many find as mysterious as it is alluring. Often, the first thing that people notice about a Venus in Scorpio woman is her smile.

Even though they ooze charm, Venus in Scorpio women aren’t always the most sociable people. They tend to stick with people they know and trust. While they may be willing to make a new friend, most feel wary and uneasy when hanging around strangers for the first time. It takes a while for people to earn a Scorpio’s trust, but once they do, they have a loyal friend for life.

Even with those they trust, Scorpios tend to keep to themselves. They aren’t big on sharing their emotions. However, under the influence of Venus, Scorpio women experience strong and volatile feelings beneath the surface. Scorpio women can have trouble expressing themselves and often unleash their anger in an unhealthy way.

Many Venus in Scorpio women find an outlet in the arts. Their natural creativity, along with the artistic influence of Venus, inspires Venus in Scorpio women to channel their negative emotions into great works of art, drama, music, and more. Many famous artists are Scorpios born under the influence of Venus, including Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Avril Lavigne, Anne Hathaway, and many more.

Venus in Scorpio women are also known as having a great sense of fashion, in part thanks to their creativity. The influence of Venus lends them an eye for color and design, while the powerful energy of Mars gives them the confidence to pull off any look. Many famous Venus in Mars artists are also known for their sharp style, with many dabbling in modeling or even designing fashion lines.

Work and Play for the Venus in Scorpio Woman

Venus in Scorpio women enjoy the unusual and bizarre. They rarely back down from a challenge and suffer from no shortage of courage. They love to try out new things in their downtime, especially those that are off the beaten track or diverge from the mainstream.

Scorpio women don’t necessarily need others around to have fun. They’re perfectly content enjoying their own company. In fact, without enough alone time, Scorpios tend to start feeling overwhelmed.

Often, Venus in Scorpio women will book exciting outings for themselves that will evoke their emotions and stimulate the senses. They’re not afraid to go to dinner or the movies alone, and many even consider it a special treat. They also love going on solo trips, taking classes alone, or even just relaxing and booking a singles massage.

At work, Venus in Scorpio women also love novelty and excitement. Instead of working on the same task all day, they prefer a position that offers a little bit of variety. Otherwise, the monotony of their job can lead to boredom and stagnation. Routine is the bane of any Scorpio, even if it offers stability. They prefer the unpredictable and exciting, even in the workplace.

Venus in Scorpio women work best in a position that allows them to explore their creativity and make each day a new adventure. Instead of being pigeonholed into one position, they thrive in a job that keeps them constantly busy with different departments. They also work best alone and thrive with minimal supervision and oversight.

Their natural stoicism makes Scorpios fairly neutral figures in the office. They rarely rock the boat, but still make their voice heard. The influence of Venus gives Scorpio women a stronger sense of intuition and emotional intelligence, helping them to win more friends at work and giving them an edge in the office politics game.

Love and Sex for the Venus in Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women are naturally passionate lovers, with an animal magnetism that can be as attractive as it can be intimidating. The influence of Venus, however, can soften Scorpio’s soft edges in a relationship. Venus in Scorpio women are more in tune with the emotional and spiritual side of their relationships. They crave affection and intimacy instead of just physical closeness.

Unlike Scorpio’s ruling planet, Mars, Venus is represented by the mind and heart instead of the body. Venus in Scorpio women aren’t just looking for a one night stand or a short fling, no matter how satisfying it might be. They crave intensity and passion in their relationships and want a partner who is as willing to commit as they are.

Venus in Scorpio women are fearless when it comes to love. They’re willing to dive headfirst into a new relationship, regardless of the consequences. Heartache never deters a Scorpio woman from following her passions.

While their intensity can be intimidating for some, it’s exciting for others. Venus in Scorpio women love to surprise and be surprised and won’t settle for a predictable or routine relationship. They’re always willing to shake things up, which means that a healthy relationship with a Scorpio will never grow stale.

Venus in Scorpio women can be just as intense in the bedroom as in other areas of their relationships. The influence of their star sign is what gives them their raw sexual power, while Venus connects them with their partner on an emotional and spiritual level. They crave sex with intimacy as opposed to brief trysts or one-night-stands.

While they value intimacy with their partner, at the same time, Scorpio women can have trouble expressing their wants and needs within a relationship. They prefer to keep their feelings bottled up, which is especially difficult for those influenced by the deeply emotional energy of Venus.

A Venus in Scorpio woman will often leave her partner guessing as to why she might be upset or moody. She needs someone who has the patience and emotional intelligence to help her work through her feelings in a productive way instead of getting angry or frustrated. With love and support, however, she can learn to open up to her partner on her own and work towards building a stronger relationship.

Dating a Venus in Scorpio Woman

Being with a Venus in Scorpio woman can be a whirlwind of excitement. They’re constantly onto the next new thing and love nothing more than to bring their partner along for the ride. They need someone who is able to keep up with their fast-paced approach to life and who’s willing to step outside their comfort zone to try something new every once in a while.

Venus in Scorpio women tend to form such intensely emotional bonds with those that they love, but they’re not always secure in their feelings. Thanks to the influence of Venus, they have such a wide range of emotions and so few healthy coping tools that they can have trouble accepting a happy and healthy relationship.

Scorpio women influenced by the movements of Venus can be possessive in a serious relationship. They get jealous easily and are rarely able to control their feelings. What’s more, they’re prone to acting rashly and may say or do something they regret if they feel slighted. They may even be wary of their partner’s platonic relationships.

If a Scorpio’s jealousy is warranted, she’ll be quick to dump an unfaithful partner. Venus in Scorpio women don’t give their trust freely, and when they do, they rarely forgive anyone who they think has stabbed them in the back. They think that a breach of trust is the ultimate betrayal and demand fidelity from their partner.

When they feel insecure in their relationship, Scorpio women often have trouble talking things out with their significant other. Despite the strong emotional influence of Venus, they still have trouble processing how they feel in a healthy and productive way.

Instead, Venus in Scorpio women are prone to using mind games and manipulation in a bid to control their relationship. They feel that doing so restores any power that they’ve given up to their partner and makes them feel safer in their place in the relationship. Unfortunately, such manipulation is often the downfall of a healthy relationship for a Venus in Scorpio woman.

In Conclusion

Venus in Scorpio women are exciting, complex, and for some, even intimidating. They’re ruled by the powerful energy of Mars, but at the same time, their lives are also touched by the soft, emotional influence of Venus. It can be difficult to get to know a Venus in Scorpio woman, but once you do, they make unforgettable friends, lovers, and partners for life.

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