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You may have heard that Venus is the planet of love. That’s true, and the influence of Venus determines what you’re like in a romantic relationship as well as the types of partners that you attract.

A man with his Venus in Virgo is somewhat restrained when it comes to love and sex. He may be shy and sweet in bed. He is probably also quite a conventional romantic. He will be attentive to his partner’s needs and would like them to be attentive to his in return.

He is Careful

The Venus in Virgo man is modest in many areas of his life. He is careful and calculated. He understands that this world can be chaotic, but he doesn’t operate well from a place of disorder. He likes things to be neat and tidy, both literally and metaphorically.

Less is more for the Venus in Virgo man. Because he prefers it when everything is organized, he limits his life to the things that he can manage. He won’t take too much in if he doesn’t feel like he can handle it.

That goes for projects with work, social events, and interpersonal relationships. If you ask this guy too many questions, he might shut down. He wants to be straightforward and gets overwhelmed when he has to overthink things.

If something fits naturally into his life, it’s a good sign. He doesn’t mind trying new things or starting relationships that match with his rhythm. But if he has to rearrange his schedule or shift his routine, he might be hesitant to take on a new challenge.

The Venus in Virgo man is a great partner and roommate. He’s the kind of guy who makes sure that the dishwasher gets emptied, and the car gets oil changes in time. He sticks with his to-do list and accomplishes tasks by their deadline. He’s likely to be ahead of the game when it comes to spring cleaning, and he always has fresh sheets on his bed.

He appreciates being with people who acknowledge everything that he does to keep things balanced. You should be considerate of the Venus in Virgo men in your life. Have good manners, and thank them for a job well done.

He Needs a Lot of Alone Time

The Venus in Virgo man places a great deal of importance on self-development. In fact, he has a hard time accepting himself because he always has a vision of where he could be. It’s hard for him to be mindful of the present and happy about where he is, just because he wants to be where he is going.

He needs plenty of space to work on himself. If someone gets in the way of his hermit-like way of living, he might push them away.

Some people call men with Venus in Virgo shy. Others perceive them to be standoffish. These aren’t the most extroverted people in the zodiac. That’s because they take their time getting into new situations. They’re more likely to dip their toes into a body of water than to jump in at once.

These guys need time to assimilate what’s happening to them at any given moment. If they’re meeting new people, they want to observe their character before they divulge too much about themselves. If they’re in a new situation, they need to size it up before they can take action.

Venus in Virgo men don’t like to feel “off.” They don’t feel like themselves when they’re overwhelmed. If they don’t take time to themselves during these moments, they can become anxious and critical.

This guy might take his alone time at home. But if he lives with you, he might need to get out of the house to do the solo thing. He might spend long hours at work when he’s feeling particularly stressed. He might go away for the weekend on a retreat. He may even spend a Saturday running errands so that he can enjoy the downtime as he drives.

If you’re with him, you shouldn’t take this as a sign that he doesn’t want to hang out with you. If he’s into you, he will return. You have to give him this time so that he does come back to you.

The Venus in Virgo man who is in a solid relationship is exceptionally loyal. You won’t have to worry about what he’s doing when he’s not spending time with you. The chances are high that he’s working on himself. You should trust that he is devoted to you.

Knowing this can make it easier for you to give him the freedom that he requires.

He is Optimistic

The Venus in Virgo man sees the glass as half-full. For this reason, he can find interest and passion in the mundane. Many people would look at his life and think that it’s boring. But he looks for meaning in everything. He can immerse himself in whatever he’s doing and find fulfillment in it.

Someone else might see this guy as understated. He is outwardly subtle. But everything that he does is meticulous and well-considered. He has a reason for everything. Therefore, he can find the positives even in negative or undesirable experiences.

Because he is solution-oriented, the Venus in Virgo man sees answers and resolutions in every problem. He is also a perfectionist and will work diligently until he corrects the issues at hand. This man is successful because he sees the bright side.

He prefers to be surrounded by people who are like him. He doesn’t want to pretend to be someone he is not. Therefore, it helps when the people in his life understand him. If you have a Venus in Virgo man in your life, he will probably always be there for you.

He is Technical but Thoughtful in the Bedroom

This guy will play it safe in relationships. He might not take a lover to the bedroom until she has made her way into his heart. That might happen subtly because he takes his time before becoming emotional. He wants to make sure that his partner really likes him before he becomes too involved.

Therefore, he can seem reserved when it comes to love. It’s not that the Venus in Virgo man isn’t sensual. He just relies on technique in the bedroom. It takes him a while to warm up and relax into a state of mind that allows him to nurture the side of him that seeks pleasure.

The Venus in Virgo man doesn’t want a wild partner. He prefers someone who can settle down with him and understand his needs. He finds a woman sexy when she is strong and stable. He is attracted to people who are devoted to their work, intelligent, and refined.

The Virgo man is considerate of his partners. He is concerned about their needs and desires, and he wants to make them feel comfortable. He’ll remember your birthday and favorite color.

This guy will have long sessions of pillow talk. He’s a great listener.

He is also very affectionate once he falls in love. When someone captures this guy’s heart, he becomes a softie. He can be driven by lust and eagerness. He just waits longer than most people to allow himself to reach that point. He knows that falling in love involves giving up some aspect of control. His partner has to be worth it for him to throw so much caution to the wind.

He Can Be Critical

The Venus in Virgo man likes it when everything is perfect. He can be critical of himself and others when he feels as though things could be done differently.

Some people say that he can be a nag. If he badgers you about certain things, it probably means that he cares about you. He wants to see everyone be their best selves. Therefore, he can pester you when he sees areas in which you could improve.

Don’t take this the wrong way. It’s an indicator that you’re important to him. The Venus in Virgo man can be helpful almost to a fault. He has created a standard way of doing things in his own mind. He feels as though he could help others reach their full potential by sharing his formula for living.

He doesn’t understand that everyone lives a little differently. Some people are wilder than he is. Some individuals don’t need as much control as he does.

If you have a Venus in Virgo man in your life, show him some appreciation for all of his help. Even if it’s not the way that you would have done it, you can demonstrate that you recognize his efforts.

This is the perfect man to have in your life if you need someone to help you find solutions. The Venus in Virgo man is a fixer. He has trouble keeping his nose out of your business if he senses that something is wrong. He will try to help even if you don’t ask for assistance.

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