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When it comes to Astrological signs and love, few women are as beautifully feminine and mysteriously alluring as Virgo women. For Virgo, women being in bed with their partner is, like most things for Virgos, an attempt at perfection. She is strong and independent, calm, and in control. Not that she’s one for sexual dominance, but prefers a much subtler kind of power.

Virgo women are cool and tactical, so when she chooses a partner, you can be sure she’s done so only after careful consideration. She’s not interested in one night stands but long-term relationships. She believes in commitments, and though she may seem distant, she needs a secure emotional connection to her partner. Behind closed doors, she shows her sensitive side.

Virgos Are Loyal and Devoted Romantic Partners

If you’re looking for a little fun with no strings attached, steer clear of a Virgo. Virgo women are very devoted and loyal ladies. Virgos don’t fool around in any aspect of their lives and especially not in relationships. She has a great deal of respect for herself, and you can be sure that if she’s willing to go to bed with you, it’s because, after careful study, she’s decided that you’re worthy of her.

The thing with Virgo’s is while they tend to enter very cautiously into a relationship once they feel secure with you they’ll give you all of them. Not only that, but she’ll do everything in her power to keep you by her side, without ever being clingy.

The more she wants you, the more she’s going to make you want her. A Virgo woman will study and analyze you and figure out exactly how to please you, and then she’ll do it. If you would like to try a new position, she will have no problem going for it, but don’t expect this woman to be submissive. She believes relationships are about give and take. She’ll satisfy you, but she expects you to please her as well.

If you find yourself falling for a Virgo, be prepared to fall hard. Once you’re in with her, you’re not going to get out easily, and you’re not going to want to. A Virgo woman will rarely speak of her feelings or devotion, but when you’re alone with her, she’ll show you beyond a doubt. She will give you an incredible night, and she’ll still be by your side in the morning and stay there for life.

Virgos Are Ladies with Strong Libidos

A Virgo woman’s sex drive is like fire encased in ice. You’ll have a hard time finding a lady with more discretion. However, despite her quiet and shy facade, she has quite a sexual appetite. Although their sign is the virgin, Virgo women know their way around the bedroom. Arousal is a fairly natural state for them, but they have incredible self-control and are experts at concealing it.

Virgos take love seriously as they do most things. They seem like they’re all business, but while they are very attached to rules, this works to your advantage in relationships. Virgos don’t see sex as fun, but the sexual satisfaction of both partners is one of their rules for a successful relationship. Virgos are constantly looking for ways to improve their bedroom technique.

Part of what makes Virgo women so sexy is that you never get quite what you see with them. They tend to keep you at arm’s length even if they want you because a Virgo always looks before she leaps. However, if you’re willing to bide your time and show her, you mean business and are not just looking for a good time when you do get her in bed with you; she’s going to blow your mind.

Virgo’s aren’t big on improvising, but they are willing to try new things. They will study the Kama Sutra and read erotic literature to get ideas, and after careful study, they will put what they’ve learned to practical use. If you want to try something new in the bedroom, she’s happy to oblige as long as it’s not too messy.

How Do You Attract a Virgo?

If you think you might be interested in having a relationship with a Virgo, you need patience, and you need confidence. She’s not going to let you know that she wants you. You have to be the one who takes the initiative. You also want to give the impression that you’ve got your act together. A Virgo needs to feel secure with you before she’s willing to take the relationship to the next level.

If you’re trying to win a Virgo woman, be meticulous about grooming. You should be clean. Your hair should be neat; your fingernails should be clean and trimmed. She also appreciates a well-dressed partner. You don’t need to have designer clothes, but a well-coordinated, fresh, and non-wrinkled outfit will be appreciated.

Virgos also appreciate good manners. While they are strongly independent, they appreciate a person who holds doors open, pulls out chairs, and says, please, and thank you. Always speak respectfully and avoid crude humor. Virgos, ask a lot of questions when you first start dating. Your first date or two may feel like an interrogation, but she’s just trying to see if you two are compatible.

Once you’ve successfully got a Virgo woman interested in you, make sure not to get lazy. She likes being paid little courtesies and appreciates thoughtful gestures. Don’t take her to a fancy expensive restaurant and buy her lavish gifts. It won’t impress her nearly as much as a small, thoughtful, practical gift that shows you pay attention to what she says and does.

What Does a Virgo Woman Need?

Above all else, Virgo women need security. She wants someone kind, serious, and has integrity. She appreciates hard work and a partner who takes responsibility. One of the biggest turnoffs with Virgos is disruption in their schedules. She’s not one for spur of the moment types of activities, and she doesn’t react well to sudden changes, so work yourself into her set schedule.

Virgo women also need feedback both in and out of the bedroom. Although they appear confident, they tend to overthink and over criticize not only others but themselves as well. Don’t belittle her efforts at self-improvement and don’t get insulted when she criticizes you. She’s not trying to make you feel bad, Virgo’s believe they’re showing love by attempting to help you become your best self.

Virgos tend to get stuck in their minds. They’ll hyper-focus on things like work and making sure the household is functioning properly. Keep a good sense of humor, and gently coax her to take a break and relax a little. That’s not to say adapt a laissez-faire attitude as this is a major turnoff for her. Help her check a few things off her to-do list first; then, she’ll be more willing to take a break.

Virgos need someone who seems to make logical sense as a life partner. A thoughtful, romantic partner is lovely, but they also need to be a reliable business partner that will work alongside them. Safe is sexy for Virgo women. If you can successfully balance passion and pragmatism, a Virgo woman will stay with you for the long-run.

What Signs Are Virgos Sexually Compatible With?

Although many factors determine the compatibility of two partners and the success of a relationship, Virgos do well with other Earth signs. That isn’t to say they can’t work with other signs; Scorpio and Virgo can also share an enduring love with a little work even though Scorpio is a water sign, but both partners must be willing to compromise.

Virgo and Taurus

Virgo and Taurus are a great match; they just get each other and can make an excellent pairing for a lifetime partnership. Both have a sensible streak and crave stability in life. They value order and structure and like to feel emotionally safe. Taurus and Virgo both want to take things slow, but thanks to Taurus’ affectionate nature, they will take the lead, and Virgo will follow once they feel comfortable.

They are both sensual but also sensible beings. They enjoy a healthy, satisfying sex-life in a committed long-term relationship. They might have minor disagreements because Taurus can be a little messy, and Virgo can be a little over critical, but the mellowness of the Taurus helps the Virgo relax. They both have enough sense not to let little things get in the way of their relationship.

Virgo and Virgo

Virgo and Virgo are a good match because they can understand each other’s need for cleanliness and order. They also understand each other’s need to be self-improving constantly. Two Virgos will go at the same pace when starting a relationship. They’ll both be committed to their relationship, and both understand the need for reassurance and can provide it for each other.

Once they get to the point where they can comfortably enter into intimacy, they enjoy a very satisfying relationship. Both enjoy the same prowess in sexual technique and experience a profound intimacy that no outsiders can fathom. The biggest problem is they will both be critical of each other and have to make a conscious effort to relax because they put so much pressure on themselves.

Virgo and Capricorn

Virgo and Capricorn is another Earth sign pairing that can have excellent compatibility. Capricorn and Virgo are both interested in long-term relationships rather than whirlwind romances. Both value loyalty and deep, enduring, but understated love. You’ll also be hard-pressed to find a couple with a stronger work ethic. Both are realists and enjoy a sense of a shared purpose and common goals.

The most significant difference between Virgo and Capricorn is that Capricorn is status-driven, and Virgo’s tend to find work satisfaction is its own reward. Capricorns take the lead, which can help Virgos but can also be a little overbearing at times. They are sexually compatible because they share a strong physical attraction as well as like-mindedness. Both feel they can always rely on each other.

Virgo and Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio pairings aren’t the most obvious signs for compatibility, but with a little work, they can make a surprisingly strong coupling. Both Virgo and Scorpio tend to be private and introverted, and both need to feel safe with a partner. They’re highly analytic and like to test the waters before they jump in with both feet. This results in a strong foundation that brings about deep trust and fierce loyalty.

Virgos and Scorpios are both very focused and realistic, but both can be harsh critics. However, if they can take the criticism, they can help each other grow. They also both have a strong sex drive and appreciate a refined technique, with Scorpio having no problem initiating sexual intimacy once they find Virgo to be a loyal and reliable partner.

Loving A Virgo

Virgos may appear to be cold and disinterested, but the calm exterior hides a very passionate and compassionate heart. She’s not one to express love verbally, but through the special care, she takes to make things just the way you like them. The perfect home, the ideal physical relationship, the way she strives to keep everything running smoothly in your life are her silent declarations of love to you.

Virgos need a patient lover who will woo them gently, and forgive their little idiosyncrasies. Someone who is willing to encourage them and doesn’t require loud declarations of love is ideal. A partner who is reliable and doesn’t mind taking the lead in romancing her is sure to be rewarded with her devotion, loyalty, and an incredibly beautiful and satisfying sexual experience.

Virgos need someone who can help them unwind. Make her feel secure, and you’ll find that under that cold exterior is a very warm, thoughtful, and caring woman that you mean the world too. They are passionate lovers, hard workers, and also faithful friends that make great life partners.

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