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Call of Duty Warzone and Cold War season 2 are now very close to launching, and the contents of the update have now been fully revealed. This huge update is bringing loads of new weapons, maps, and even modes to both games. This is a pretty big refresher for the titles and ones that should pull any players who have been distracted back to the game. If you’re looking to try out some content early, some secret new pistols were available in Warzone before the launch. This is everything that’s new in Cold War and Warzone Season 2:

What’s New in Warzone and Cold War Season 2?

Cold War Season 2

Cold War’s second season is bringing plenty of new content to the game. In recent years, these kind of updates have given Call of Duty titles a much longer shelf life, Season 2 of Cold War isn’t an exception to this. These are all of the major new features that are coming to the game in February:

New Operators

New operators are coming to the game with the release of Season 2. Call of Duty Operators are an exciting part of each new season, and a big part of why players buy the pass for that season. These are those launching for season 2:

  • Naga (Warsaw Pact) – Naga is a new Operator coming into the game in the launch week.
  • Maxis (NATO) – This operator is coming into the game later in the Season, including being usable in Warzone and Zombies.
  • Wolf (Nato) – Wolf is another operator that will be dropping later in the Season.
  • Rivas (NATO) – The last new operator is a bit more uniquely designed, but won’t be dropping until part way into the Season.

Each of these new operators is going to be available in the game. However, they will be part of separate bundles, which is going to be a bit frustrating for anyone who wants to unlock all Cold War Operators. 

New Weapons

Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

New weapons are probably the most exciting part of any new season launch in Call of Duty. There are six whole weapons dropping into the game in Cold War Season 2, massively expanding the rostert of available guns. These are those that are coming soon:

  • FARA 83 – This is a heavyweight AR coming into the game. This is going to be in the free section of the Battle Pass too.
  • LC10 SMG – Another SMG is hitting the game in Tier 31. This one is useful at a mid-range and boosts a particularly agile build. With the right Gunsmith attachments, this one could be a real contender for the best Cold War weapons. 
  • Machete Special – The Machete is going to be a special weapon featuring in the game. Most players probably don’t need to think too hard about how this is going to play!
  • E-Tool Melee Weapon – This is a weapon coming further into the season rather than at launch. The E-Tool is a strange choice, since it’s largely a shovel. In close quarters though, it will likely be a pretty funny way to get a kill. 
  • R1 Shadowhunter Special – This special weapon is going to be a crossbow. While hard hitting this looks like a more handleable weapon. It is also great for stealth, since it’s a crossbow. 
  • ZRG 20MM Sniper – The last of the new weapons is the ZRG Sniper. This is a bolt-action rifle with a faster bullet velocity than anything else in the game yet. This makes it an exciting choice for the new season, and when it launches it is bound to become a popular choice. 

Cold War Season 2 – Zombies Outbreak

Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

A new section of Zombies is being added into the game with Cold War Season 2. This one is called Outbreak. There is a new map for four players. The map specifically is quite large compared to past iterations. If you’re into that side of the game, this will be a fun change of pace. 

Alongside the new map, there are some new bits of kit coming to the Zombies mode with the Cold War Season 2 update:

  • Field Upgrade Frenzied Guard- This is a field upgrade which allows only your armor to take damage for a short period of time. You can use it to pull the attention of zombies off of teammates and allow them to regroup.
  • Ammo Mod Shatter Blast – This makes each bullet have the chance to explode on impact, giving some great damage. 
  • Skill Tiers – Two new skill tiers are coming into the game, giving you more opportunities to improve your loadout. 
  • Cars – Two new vehicles are coming to the game, the Light Truck and the classic Sedan.  Vehicles and zombies tend to be quite fun.

Cold War Season 2 – New Maps

Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

There are four whole new maps dropping in Call of Duty Cold War season 2. These are the ones we can expect:

  • Apocalypse – This is a 6-v-6 match that is dropping during the new Season’s launch. It is a Cartel base in the jungle, on the smaller size, and with plenty of claustrophobic inside space.
  • Golova – This is a larger map that is going to drop part way through Cold War Season 2. This is more of a town style map, with open and indoor spaces. There are long-range spots available as well as interior  and even an industrial section.
  • Mansion – Mansion is a small map intended for Gunfight and Face-off, it is going to be added to the rotation mid-season. This is a relatively closed in map based in a single large building. 
  • Miami Strike – This is another mid-season drop and the second new 6v-6 Map coming to the game. 

New Multiplayer Modes in Cold War Season 2

Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

Cold War Season 2 is doubling down on bringing players new ways to compete, with more multiplayer modes dropping into the game. These are the ones that are coming in the next few months:

  • Gun Game – This is a returning game mode from past black ops games. It is basically a free-for-all, but without loadouts. You start with a pistol and progress through 20 changing tiers of weapons. This is kind of similar to Valorant Escalation.
  • Stockpile – This is a 6-V-6 gamemode that is dropping mid-season. You eliminate enemies to collect dog tags, but they don’t add to your score until they are deposited at rotating sites. This adds a new element to the Kill Confirmed style of gameplay. 
  • Hardpoint – A even larger version of Hardpoint is coming into the game with the new season. This time around, it is ten squads of four, so the largest Call of Duty maps are going to be pretty full.

New In-Game Items and Loadouts in Cold War Season 2

Alongside all of that new content, there are some extra options appearing for your loadout and general gameplay in all maps. These are the major ones coming into the game:

New Scorestreak – Death Machine 

Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

This is a fast and hard hitting minigun. It is useful for taking out players, but can even make a dent in vehicles and some opposing scorestreaks. 

Warzone Season 2

Warzone season 2 is going to be no less exciting than the new content coming to Cold War. You can see the same new weapons and operators that popped up in Cold War Season 2. So this is going to significantly freshen up the loot pool, since a good amount of weapons are being thrown into the mix. There are also some bigger changes coming:

Map Changes

Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

As with any new Battle Royale Season, some pretty big map changes are going to be hitting Warzone with the new season. It looks like the focus is going back to Verdansk this time around, but with some changes.

A cargo ship is somehow going to be integrated into the map, which sounds like a great new POI that will be hitting. There is also something new coming underground to the map. We can probably expect a tie in to the Warzone bunker locations.

Warzone’s map tends to change a bit more often than just with new launches, so we can expect an evolving map across the season. 

Warzone Season 2 Exfiltration

This new game mode is going to be coming to Warzone with the new season. It is a Battle Royale focused around a radio. You need to grab that radio and hold onto it for a period of time to win the game. Your location will be broadcast, and you’ll be target number one. Outside of that the regular Battle Royale is running alongside it, making it a game that dials everything up a few notches. 


Cold War Season 2 Warzone Season 2

Resurgence is another new game mode coming with season 2. It takes place on Rebirth island, but ups the player count to 90. Squad members spawn back unless the entire team is eliminated, so this is going to be a pretty packed game mode. 

When Does Cold War Season 2 and Warzone Season 2 release?

Warzone and Cold War Season 2 are due to begin on February 24th. It’ll run for a few months and some content is going to be dropped gradually. If you’re looking to play your best in this new Season, then our guides to Warzone can help improve in areas:

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