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Call of Duty Warzone is hitting its one-year anniversary, and the game has really done quite well given its short time available. It has carved out a successful niche among other Battle Royales, and even managed to grab a lot of players and attention previously held pretty tight by Fortnite. At the one-year anniversary, there’s something fun coming for all players. Warzone players can get their hands on the Warzone anniversary report, a personalized graphic detailing all of their achievements and time spent in the game. For players that love pouring over their own stats, tracking all data, this is a pretty fun report to look over. This is how you can find your Warzone anniversary report.

Stat tracking in Warzone has typically been something you have to do with a third-party site. This isn’t exactly ideal, since often these trackers aren’t 100% accurate. They can have problems, like being slow to update, bugs, or just generally not showing data exactly as it is. Official reports like this one offer the definitive truth, so if you’re convinced the Warzone tracker is under-representing your performance, this is the chance for you to prove it. 

How to Get your Warzone Anniversary Report 

Getting your report and stats for Warzone isn’t as simple as heading into the game. Frustratingly, this feature is only available through engaging on social media at the moment. While this is annoying, it really just adds a few extra steps. This is how you can get your Warzone Anniversary Report:

  • Sign in to Twitter or make an account. If you’re not comfortable with your Warzone stats being publicly displayed and linked to your name, then you should make a burner for this purpose.
  • Go to the Official Call of Duty Twitter.
  • Respond to the tweet embedded below using the hashtag and your gamertag.
  • The account will reply with your Warzone anniversary report.

Kind of a long way round for finding your stats. However, the accuracy of them is considerably better than third party trackers. On top of this, it is presented in a nice and tidy infographic! It is worth saving this image, as it might be a bit of a hassle to find one old tweet in the future if you want to check or reflect on your performance.

What’s Not in the Warzone Anniversary Report

The Warzone Anniversary report covers some important metrics like overall kills and your KDA. However, it doesn’t include every stat that matters in the game. Warzone does use skill-based matchmaking and assigns a score to players to help match you with others at your own level. Although, this score is secret and won’t be a part of this report. While players haven’t entirely cracked the code on what makes SBMM work, they have figured out the basic principles enough to game the system.

This report gives you the solid numbers for your first year, which might give a bit of a look into how the game assesses your performance. For a good idea of where you currently stand in SBMM, you’ll need to be checking stat trackers that offer the data over a smaller period, as the game doesn’t take your performance on Day 1 into account a year later. 

Bad Report?

Getting your Warzone anniversary report might validate just how great you are at the game, or it could indicate you still have a ways to go! If your performance over your first year isn’t quite what you’d hoped it would be, the first anniversary is a great time to get serious at improving in Warzone. If you’re looking to get better then these guides cover the basics and advanced strategies that you’ll need to know to do just that:

  • Best Warzone Landing Spots in Season 2 – This covers the best spots to drop in the new map of Warzone. You need to cater this to how you like to play, land at POIs which are going to let you loot without throwing you into the deep end if you’re still learning.
  • Loadouts – Getting your loadout in Warzone is a vital part of the game. These are some recommendations for which loadout to build. You could also check out the specific guides for weapon loadouts, like the best LC10 loadout and the best FARA loadout.
  • Warzone Weapons – If you’re not even sure which weapons to start with, then this guide can help you out.
  • The Best Warzone Settings – Optimizing your settings is a key step to getting the game running as well as possible, along with getting the best FPS possible.
  • How to Find the Perfect Sensitivity – Sensitivity is different for every player, this is how you can find the perfect one for you.

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