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Warzone’s Second season has brought quite a few changes to the game. Some of the most interesting at first are the map changes that have taken place on Verdansk. There are some new additions to the best Warzone Landing spots, and a fun rare item the yellow access card. That’s alongside a zombie infestation. On top of traditional POIs though, the latest Season of Warzone has brought some other locations with an intense concentration of loot. The Warzone weapon silos are a major cache of weapons, killstreaks, cash, or field upgrades. Each has multiple floors with basically everything you need to get a win. 

The Warzone weapon silos aren’t marked on the maps, but they are simple for you to find. Once you’ve learned their locations, you can easily drop into one to get yourself set up. They’re more of a secret POI, but they might be an important part of your game plan for the new season. This guide covers what they are, how you can find them, and what you need to know to leave the silos with all the loot you’re going to need.

What are the Warzone Weapon Silos?

The Warzone weapon silos are new POIs dotted around the map in Season 2. Once you’re inside, you’ll find a few floors filled with loot and other bonuses. There is a decent amount contained in each of these, so they’re definitely worthwhile tracking them down. It doesn’t take particularly long to loot them as things are relatively contained, but they’ll be able to kit out a whole team.

This is all inside is a missle silo, so a cavern with a missle sitting in the center. These are designed to allow the missles to fire from the land. At the moment though, they’re just a cache of weapons and loot. You can easily get enough loot to set yourself up for the rest of the game by landing here. In terms of other players, you might have to fight off another team. Since these Silos are fairly spread out, they’re unlikely to be as hot of a dropshot as Shipwreck. However, you should expect some other players.

Where are the Warzone Weapon Silos?

The Warzone weapon silos make a great landing spot, but first you’ve got to find them. These aren’t marked on the map like a traditional POI. Instead. You’ll have to track them down yourself. These are all of the Warzone weapon silo locations that are currently active:

Military Base

Warzone Weapon Silos

The Military Base weapon silo in Warzone is located in the north of the map. It is hidden away just a little outside of the base itself, but close enough to allow you to rotate to a POI after looitng it.

Novi Grazna Hills Weapon Silo

The second of the Warzone weapon silos is located in the south of the map, near to Hills. 

Tavorsk Perk Weapon Slio

Warzone Weapon Silos

This is the last Warzone weapon silo in the game at the moment. It is a bit more unique since it is located by one of the Warzone Bunkers. This adds another layer to that secret location, and more incentive to get inside of it. The link with the bunker might point towards something happening in the future with these weapon silos. 

Warzone Weapon Silos Map

Those are the three locations for the silos. This map shows their overall location on the full map though:

Warzone Weapon Silos

This should make them easier to find. They’re not exactly well spread out, but they provide good options in the north and south of the map.

The Warzone weapon silos are an interesting addition to Season 2. If you’re looking to improve any other aspect of your gameplay, our guides can help you improve:

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