What a Girl Wants in a Relationship


Some guys find it hard to figure out what a girl wants in a relationship. When you’re dating a girl you like, you want to do all the right things to keep her. Not every girl is the same, of course. Some girls are chill, while others are more demanding. There are certain things most women want in a relationship, regardless of their personalities.

If you haven’t dated for a while, or want to up your game in a relationship, assess the way you act. Some of these things are apparent; others are more subtle.

A Girl Looks for These Things in a Relationship

Here are some common ways you can show your girl that you care for her. If you want to attract a certain woman, or make your current relationship better, evaluate your behavior. Some people tend to be “on automatic” in their relationship and don’t think about changing how they act with their partner.

Check out this list of what a girl wants in a relationship to fine-tune your behavior and keep your perfect girl happy.

He Appreciates You

A girl wants a guy who compliments and appreciates her. You should be grateful for the little things she does, like making your coffee or buying small gifts to let you know she’s thinking of you.

Girls like guys who thank them for doing everyday household things. Of course, you both should handle these tasks equally, but you should thank her for doing them when it’s her turn to show appreciation.

You should show appreciation for your girl’s creative hobbies, too. If your girl’s a talented painter, tell her you to appreciate how she uses her skills to make the world more interesting. Tell her you to appreciate how kind she is to neighbors.

He Does Romantic Things

Plan something romantic occasionally, like a dinner at an upscale restaurant. Bring her a rose from the flower department at the supermarket, or surprise her with a new charm for her bracelet.

The romance in a relationship doesn’t always come from actions we typically think of as romantic, like buying candies on Valentine’s Day. Make her favorite comfort food- a surprise mac and cheese dinner can be as romantic as a meal at a French bistro if it’s prepared with love.

Turn the lights down low, pour two glasses of wine, and binge-watch your favorite series on a Saturday night. A romantic gesture keeps your relationship interesting and lets her know you’re thinking of her every day, not just on special occasions.

A Girl Wants to Feel Secure and Protected

You want to protect your girl from physical harm, whether it comes from other people, the weather, or potential accidents. Shielding your girl from physical danger is a given. Even the strongest, most athletic girl likes to know her man will be there to help protect her from physical harm.

Keeping your girl secure emotionally is essential in a relationship, too. You want her to know that you will keep her safe from verbal or emotional attacks from others. You’ll defend her honor online and offline. You’ll pay household bills and maintain your home, so she always has a safe, comfortable place to live.

A Girl Wants a Guy to Spend Time with Her

It’s more important to spend a lot of time with your girl than spend a lot of money. If you’re too busy at work, playing video games, or going to bars with the guys to spend time with her, the relationship won’t last very long. You want to hang out with your girlfriend and make her feel like she’s important to you.

Spending time with your girl can be anything from sitting in front of the TV, taking a bike ride, or browsing the Internet together. You want to show your girl you enjoy her company day and night, in and out of the bedroom.

She Wants Respect

A girl needs to be loved, but she also needs to be respected. You need to show respect for her career, her interests, her family, and her friends. You should respect what she does, whether she’s a high-powered stockbroker or freelance artist.

Respect her enough to stay off the phone when she needs to talk to you. Avoid interrupting her when she has something important to say. Never mention your past girlfriends around her (unless you are having a serious discussion with her about your past).

Don’t discount her opinions or feelings.  If you don’t respect her, she’ll know it and will feel hurt and resentful.

Some experts feel that respect is more important in a romantic relationship than love.

You Should Share Some of Her Interests

You might like science fiction while she likes medieval sagas, but you can still join her to watch a documentary about the Middle Ages or go to the Renaissance Fair. A relationship only works if both partners compromise and support each other in their interests.

Going to an opera with your girl instead of a death metal concert once in a while will keep her happy, and you might discover opera isn’t so hard to understand after all.

Someone Who Supports Her Goals

Support her in her personal and professional goals. Attend her recitals if she’s a pianist. Accompany her on a coding seminar if she’s an IT professional. Understand her goals, even if they’re quite different from yours.

If you meet someone influential in your girlfriend’s field, give her the person’s contact information. Give her a pep talk before an important performance or presentation. After all, you want her to do the same for you. Both partners need to give each other emotional support toward their goals.

A Guy Who’s Proud to Be With Her

Introduce your girlfriend to your friends and family with pride. Hold her hand in public and pay attention to her. Girls like it when guys show them off in front of others and speak glowingly about them. A guy who loves to tell other people about his girl shows her he’s dedicated to the relationship and possibly, marriage.

A Guy Who Makes Her Laugh

You don’t need to be a comedian to impress a girl. Be pleasant and upbeat, especially when she’s feeling glum or has had a bad day. Make a joke to cheer her up, or share a funny meme. Studies show women love guys who make them laugh.

Funny guys are entertaining and know how to handle social situations. A guy with a sense of humor can get along with most people and break the ice at business or family gatherings. Girls know that you’ll be able to get along with even their stodgiest friend or relative if you have a disarming sense of humor.

Couples who laugh together have a better chance of staying together for the long-term, according to research.

To Be Desired Sexually

A woman wants to be desired sexually and romantically. She wants you to appreciate her as a feminine being and admire her looks. Compliment her body and her face, even when you’re not in the bedroom.

Be attentive to her needs in the bedroom. Try different sexual positions or use sex toys and role-playing to keep things interesting. Always talk to her about what she feels comfortable doing in bed.

She Wants to Feel Like She Can Trust You

Your girl wants to feel she can trust you when life gets tough. She wants to know you’ll be there to comfort her when she’s feeling sad or calm her down when she’s upset.

If she asks you to pick her up at the airport, she wants to know you’ll be there. You should be true to your word, and honest with her at all times. You want to show her that you can handle pressure, whether it’s at home or work. Girls want a guy who can figure out solutions, not obsess over problems.

When you tell her you’re going to do something, even if it’s something simple like doing the laundry, do it when you say you’re going to do it. Otherwise, she’ll learn not to trust you. If you can’t do small things for her, how can she expect you to handle important, potentially life-changing requests?

She Wants to Nurture and Take Care of You

Your girl wants you to protect her and show your masculinity. She wants to show you her feminine, nurturing side. All women have a nurturing side, although some women are more kind and nurturing than others.

Your girl wants to see your vulnerability and help you when you’re sad or frustrated. An emotionally balanced man will let his woman see him at his most vulnerable and let his woman nurture him. You must be authentic and show your partner the full spectrum of your emotions, including your raw, sensitive side.


You always want to be somewhat spontaneous with your girl. Women love guys who are enthusiastic about life and can let their guard down and have fun.

When you take a road trip you’ve planned for some time and see an interesting roadside diner or attraction, take your lady on an impromptu side trip. She’ll appreciate the spur-of-the-moment adventure.

You’ll share lots of memories and adventures with your woman when you’re spontaneous. She’ll look forward to going out with you and feel alive and loved.

A Girl wants a Guy with a Life of His Own

Your girl wants you to love her and pay attention to her, but you shouldn’t devote every waking moment to her. If you’re too clingy, it can drive her crazy and make her want to get away from you!

Having a life of your own gives you more to talk about with our woman. A guy with a full, interesting life is more attractive, physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually to a woman. Do your own thing, but share some of it with your Significant Other.

Someone Who Thinks of Her

Give her a call on your work break and tell her you’re thinking about her. Text her with funny sayings or emojis when you’re on a business trip. Show her that you’re thinking of her, even if it’s a mundane workday. An email, text, or funny Instagram post can brighten her day, especially if she’s bored or in the middle of a hectic day.


A girl wants her guy to be honest. She wants to know what’s happening in your life. Share your happiness and success with her, but don’t feel you need to hide your disappointments. You don’t need to pretend you never get sad or angry.

There are some circumstances where it’s best not to tell her certain secrets from your past. We’ve all done things we’re not proud of, but unless not knowing it will negatively impact her, it’s okay to keep some aspects of your past life in your past.

Don’t be honest about insignificant details that don’t matter in the long run.  If she asks you what you think of the outfit she just bought and you don’t like it, smile and say it looks great, but what she thinks of it matters more.


Show that you’re loyal to her. You want to let her know she’s unique, and that no other woman can compare to her in your eyes. She wants you to treat her like she’s the most beautiful, intelligent, and interesting woman in the world.

You will have unfailing loyalty to others in your life – parents, and siblings, for example, but your girl is number one on your list, and you’ll constantly looking out for her.

Compassion and Kindness

Your woman wants a kind man, not only to her but to everyone around him. She wants someone she can admire for his fairness and compassion. A kind man isn’t weak or a pushover. He’s strong when he needs to be, but he’s compassionate when the situation calls for it.

Your girl will over you even more if help an old lady across the street, rescue a stray kitten, or perform other acts of kindness. Your girl, like any girl, doesn’t like self-absorbed men.

She Wants a Best Friend

A girl wants a friend who she can confide in and laugh with, someone who knows her favorite song and her favorite flavor ice cream. Some people think a boyfriend/lover shouldn’t be friends with a woman, but that’s an old-fashioned way of looking at a relationship.

In one study, the researchers found that couples who said their spouse was their best friend were more satisfied with their lives than other couples in the study.

Be her friend first. A couple can be romantic and spend a lot of time in the bedroom, but relationships are made or broken by the way you treat each other during the mundane or challenging hours of everyday life.

She Wants Commitment

A woman wants a guy who will commit to a steady relationship and not lead her on or be evasive about his feelings. You need to let her know you are dedicated to the relationship. While you don’t necessarily need to marry her to prove you’re committed, you do need to spend lots of time with her or live with her.

A man who shows he is dedicated to staying with a woman will give her what she wants in a relationship.

She Wants a Good Provider

Girls don’t need a man to support them financially. They have careers of jobs to pay their bills, but they still want a man who is responsible with his own money and can balance a budget.

Most girls don’t care if a guy is rich or makes just enough to pay bills and live a comfortable life, as long as he treats her well. A good provider is serious about spending money on what’s important, saving money for a rainy day, and setting aside some cash to spoil his woman.

A Man Who Takes Care of His Health and Appearance

A woman wants to show off her guy, so pay attention to your appearance.

You don’t need to dress in designer clothes to look good. Wear clean, pressed clothes that look good on you. Girls love it when a guy has his own style.

Even if you’re busy or feeling down or stressed, take care of your daily grooming. Brush and floss your teeth, comb your hair, shower, and shave. (Of course, girls find a little stubble sexy, so you can skip shaving once in a while).

You don’t have to be an Olympic athlete, but exercise and take care of your body. Jog, bike, ride a scooter or play baseball.

Combine staying healthy and together time. Ride your bike through the park with your girlfriend, or go jogging with her on a Sunday morning.

If you do have a chronic health problem, such as diabetes, keep it under control with medication and a healthy lifestyle.

A Man Who Accepts Her as She Is

Accept your girl for who she is. Don’t criticize her flaws – we all have good points and bad points. Give her gentle, constrictive criticism if you need to, then leave the subject alone.

Don’t try to change her or mold her into someone she’s not. You wouldn’t want her to change you, so don’t do it to your girl.

Avoid judging her interests and actions. Accept her, flaws, and all.

A Man Who Can Take Control of the Relationship

Women want an equal relationship. Your girl doesn’t want you to boss her around, but she wants you to take the lead in certain matters.

A girl needs to know that her guy can handle planning and goals for the relationship. She’ll want to relax and show her feminine side while you prepare a better life for both of you.

Taking control of the relationship may mean that you ask her to do certain things in the relationship, like pay the bills or clean the apartment. You lead the way by being active and assertive, not by being bossy

She’ll be more apt to listen to you and do what you say if she respects you and knows that you’re honest. You should always treat her well and listen to her side if she has questions about what you want her to do.


Our list of what a girl wants in a relationship may seem too long and demanding for some guys. If you think about it, though, the list is telling you three things – to pay attention to your girl’s needs, be her friend, and be a well-rounded, likable person.

If you really care for a woman, you’ll find it easy to be kind and attentive to her. We all have personality quirks that make it hard to do what we should do at certain times. Events in our past may color our attitudes about how to treat a partner. As you get closer to a woman, you will instinctively learn how you should treat her.

Think about How You Treat Her

Step back and think about how you speak and act when you’re around her. Can you improve the way you treat her? You may want to talk with a close mutual friend about the relationship. Your words and actions will impact how she feels and acts towards you.

A successful business partnership takes work, and a relationship requires the same attention. Do your part to make her feel secure and loved. She should do the same for you.

Relationships are a work in progress. You learn more about each other as time passes. As you become more comfortable in the relationship, there’ll be less mystery about your woman’s likes and dislikes.

Women aren’t that puzzling, and neither are relationships. If you’ve has trouble with other partners, don’t bring the baggage into your new relationship. Treat your girl well, just like you would like to be treated.

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