What is Guerrilla Video Projection Advertising?


Last Updated on January 18, 2021

Marketing costs money. Lots of money. Every year corporations spend billions of dollars to get brand names ingrained in your head. To make you think about their product every day. Print, television, radio and online are the classic means of advertisement but every day more and more companies are turning to the streets for their marketing. And it seems to be working.

City streets make amazing canvases for companies and artists alike. One of the more popular means of advertising on the streets, guerilla video projection, takes outdoor lighting to new extremes. Advertising on ‘canvases’ designed by civil engineers for maximizing profit and minimizing artistic value seems counterintuitive, but it’s just enough of a change from everyday barrage to turn heads.

Companies everywhere have sprouted up that revolve around guerrilla video projection. The projections work as advertisements by taking previously unused, idle city spaces and making a billboard. Powerful projectors display a client’s logo, artwork, video or other visual media. Oftentimes the advertisements will feature a ‘hashtag’ for Twitter users. Some will even go so far as to not say the company name or industry but simply display a Twitter hashtag that forces curious people walking past to investigate, driving more hits to their website.

Know your audience. Guerilla projection advertisements aren’t for everyone. Some industries will find this type of marketing very valuable, while others find it worthless. If you’re trying to reach an audience that finds being ‘underground’ appealing, an audience that will be outside, in the city at night, it’s likely they’ll react positively to guerilla advertising.

One of the most crucial things to remember when starting a guerilla or street advertising campaign is originality. The audience you’re fighting for does not respond well to content they’ve seen before, especially when it’s trying to be passed off as original. Planning is of utmost importance. A poorly planned guerilla marketing campaign is doomed from the start. Creative teams can come up with some great ideas and concepts, but don’t let them get stuck at the idea stage.

Video marketing campaigns can be supplemented with audio and some have even worked in conjunction with flash mobs. These advertising campaigns get the public involved, increasing the chances of business. Guinness Beer did an amazing projection event to celebrate their holiday, Arthur’s Day. The projection was cast on the Senate House at the University of London with 3D effects on the buildings three walls. The video was coupled with audio broadcast over wireless headphones, making the event a multisensory masterpiece for all in attendance.

Video projection advertising is still a new means of marketing. This is uncharted waters in the world of banner ads, television commercials and full page pullouts. Braving these waters can be scary at times, but it’s also a chance to find yourself, your company or your brand at the front of the pack. Become a pioneer in advertising with nowhere to go but up.

Some municipalities have ordinances in place against guerilla video projections. Make sure to check your local laws before proceeding. When dealing with police in a video projection situation it is best to explain what you’re doing, outline your rights and always, above anything else, cooperate with police.

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