Why Do Women Hate When You Play Them?


Not all women hate you playing video games, but some do. Why? What do they have against you playing video games. I mean if you were not doing that, you would be doing something else, right? Well, following are a few explanations of what it may have everything to do with you or nothing at all.

Why Your Girlfriend Or Wife Hates You Playing Video Games

When it comes to your intimate partners, there are 3 main reasons that they would not like you playing video games.

1. You Focus More On The Video Games Then Them

This is the obvious choice. Video games can be addicting, and that can cause you to push your woman to the back-burner when they want to talk to you or hang out with you, and that makes them feel unwanted and unappreciated.

In an intimate relationship, you need to be available to your woman. She needs to know that you do not put video games – something that is mechanical and will eventually be a past time, ahead of her. If you can’t do that, then you are going to affect your relationship negatively, and you could even lose her.

2. They Are Needy

If you play video games during your free time, but still pay attention to the woman in your life, then that’s okay. But if a woman is always whining about you playing video games and tries to get you attention while you play, then chances are she is needy.

For instance, if a woman is sitting beside you pouting as you play instead of doing her own thing (reading, walking, working, whatever) then she is depending on you for her happiness and entertainment. It may be time to look for a more independent woman in that case because being clingy towards you will only get worse.

3. They Are Controlling

If the following question resonates with you, then you may have a controlling woman on your hands.

hates video game

No one has the right to control what you do in your free time. If you like to play a few hours of video games, and your woman gets mad at you specifically because of that, then she is trying to control how you spend your free time, and that is not cool.

It is important to tell her that she can’t dictate how you spend your time. If you don’t tell her, then you are going to find a lot more of ‘you can’t do this!’ in the future.

Why Does Your Mother Have A Problem With Your Video Games?

Your mother is concerned about you. She has been since day 1 and she will be until she dies.

Video games seems like a big waste to her, and she may feel as though you could spend your time doing better things – going after the career of your dreams, dating, etc.

The thing is your mother doesn’t control your life either, and even though she has your best interest at heart, she can’t dictate how you spend your time.

You have to really be truthful with yourself. If your video games are interfering with you getting the life you want, then you may want to stop playing them so much. If they are not, then let your mom know that you have it all under control (prove it to her if you can) and then let her do what she wants after that point.

Remember, you have no control over how she feels, how stressed she is, and how happy or unhappy she is about your life.

Are there any other women in your life who hate you playing video games? Share in the comments below. 

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