Why You Should design Your Blogs with Personalized Colors


Last Updated on April 8, 2016

Online marketing platforms are used by different entrepreneurs to promote the products of their brand before a large number of potential customers. Blogs are one of the important platforms on which different kinds of products are promoted.

On the internet you are going to find different kinds of blogs which are informing the customers about different products and thereafter promoting good brands offering such products or services. Most of these blogs are built on WordPress CMS which supports many advanced features and provides a great user experience.

Moreover, the users also have the option of customizing the WordPress design according to their wish which will make the website appear unique and draw more clients to it. One of latest customizing features that is offered on the WordPress platform is the use of custom or personalized colors.

What is custom color?

WordPress platform has come up with a new feature: Custom design which enables the bloggers as well as the designers to personalize the blog with their own choice of colors. The WordPress users have the option of choosing between the ready to use palettes or choose their own palette from a wide range of choices offered by the platform and thus creating a unique design in accordance with their preference.

Here are some reasons explaining why you should opt for the custom color rather than normal one:

Personalizing the blog

Since the competition is quite narrow the designers should make the best use of all the advanced features available to them that will give them an edge over others. The use of personalized colors will give the website a personal touch and make it appear unique. Moreover, the use of custom colors makes it possible to choose from a large array of colors according to the preference as well as the need of the blogger. Colors used in a blog promoting gadgets will be obviously different from that of a blog promoting beauty products. The custom color option will help the designer to come up with alluring results according to the need of the clients.

Attractive and engaging designs

The use of custom color will certainly make the website appear very alluring and thereby attract more targeted client to the website. An attractive website helps in engaging the client with the website spontaneously and thereafter he or she will take the interest in reading the content posted on the site. Thus an attractive design is the primary requirement for increasing the conversion rate from your blog and the use of custom colors will ensure such effects on the website.

Highlight the main contents

With the use of custom colors the designers can also highlight the main areas of the website like the headers, footers, layout and other elements of the webpage. Putting emphasis on the main sections will help in addressing the needs of the target audience, make the webpage clutter free and thereby attract more clients to the website. Use of such strategies will aid in popularizing the blog and thereby attain the purpose with which it was established.

Exclusive appearance of a brand name

There are thousands of blogs promoting the same genre of products. Therefore, to make the most of the online platform the designers need to ensure that the blog is exclusive in its appearance so that it strikes a cord in the heart of the potential visitors and they keep coming back to your site time and again. The custom color has the potential for creating such effects.

These are some of the reasons owing to which a designer or the webmaster should opt for custom color to personalize the blog with this advanced feature of Wordpress Design. Choose between a wide array of ready to use colors or choose your own selection to make your website exclusive in its appearance.

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