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Wild Rift is a fun and accessible new title in the MOBA genre. These games are huge in esports, and Wild Rift is too. However, they can be a little intimidating to newcomers. One key aspect of the game is Wild Rift Champion classes. Most players are going to specialise when playing the game, but being versatile is a pretty important element. Knowing the roles inside and out gives you more opportunities to support what your team comp needs, you also have an easier time climbing ranks in some champion classes over others. 

This guide covers the champion classes in the game. This is how the game’s huge cast of Champions is divided up. You need to know what sort of role you’re going to be playing with each character. Champions can fit into different lanes, but each class has a defined purpose and a position they can play to be of most use. Knowing these well is a vital part of performing well as part of your team, and climbing the ranks in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Champion Classes

Wild Rift has a lot of different champions available to players. You aren’t going to be using all of them, but with so many on offer there needs to be some organization. Champion classes are a great way to divide up the characters, and place them into the roles that best suit them. Some champions won’t fall easily into a single class or role. Quite a few have overlap. However, the categories still work to trim down the options of viable champions available to you. These are the Wild Rift champion classes currently in the game, what they do, and which player suits which:


Fighters, or bruisers, are champions set up to deal as much continuous damage as possible. These guys are primarily here to deal out damage and get up close to enemies. They’re not great for utility, or mobility, and have problems with control. However, for raw combat strength they work great.

You will usually be using these champions in the Baron or Jungle Lane. However, as a damage based champion they have some versatility if the situation requires it. They’re most effective against assassins and tanks, as they can withstand their attacks and output greater damage. However, marksman and mages will be a weak point, they don’t have the range to compete. There are some subclasses of this one of the Wild Rift Champion Classes that get even more niche:

  • Divers – These are close to assassins, but stick out as they can move into enemy formations.
  • Juggernauts – These are close to Tanks, with high HP. However, they also have the damage of a fighter. These guys are great for damage/defence ratios, but don’t have the mobility to push a fighter.

As a Fighter player, your main role is going to be in the front line. You need to be protecting the squisher and weaker members of your party from full frontal attacks. There are also flankers, who you should be a pretty clear threat to. 

Wild Rift Champion Classes – Tanks

Wild Rift Champions Guide

Tank is a role that you’re going to find in a lot of games out there, even some shooters. These Champions have low damage but very high defence, so they tank a lot of hits. They’re great for taking command of the flow of a fight and controlling the general situation. Some do have some okay damage, but your main role is going to be taking a beating. Tanks are also pretty low on mobility, but this can be played to your advantage.

Typically Tank players are going to be in the Baron or Jungle lanes. However, they can move to provide support in Dragon too. Keep in mind that moving a tank can be slow, so as a flex role they’re not there most appropriate of the Wild Rift Champion Classes.

Tanks are particularly strong against assassins and mages, especially given their combo resistance. If an enemy team is going all-out to take out a tank, they’re wasting both time and resources. Equality though, they’re weak to fighters and marksmen. These are their subclasses: 

  • Vanguards – These are more offensive tanks that have better damage output. They largely use AoE effects to control the flow of players around them.
  • Wardens – These are counter-initiation focused, being almost solely focused on defence and protection.

As a Tank player, you’re going to be mainly sitting on the front lines, dealing out damage to flanking players, and instituting crowd control. You can use AoE attacks to go into team fights, or disrupt the enemy movement. 


Wild Rift Champions Guide

Mages are a Wild Rift Champion Class that specialise in dealing burst damage through magic attacks. These are different from fighters in how their moves are executed and the damage type. These attacks are often best utilize in chains, allowing you to throw off quite a few in quick succession. They can be useful for both putting out damage and controlling the flow of things in the battlefield. Mages are one of the Wild Rift Champion Classes that is best used in the middle lane. Although, sometimes they work as a support role as well. 

These characters are stronger than Marksmen in most cases, and can outplay fighters when using positioning and the right attacks. However, magic combos aren’t exactly effective against tanks, and they’re not quick enough to get around assassins. These are some of the subclasses of Mages:

  • Artillery – These have longer ranges and great damage, but they’re much weaker up close.
  • Battlemage – These are rare at the moment but more might be coming soon. They do great sustained damage but have weaker range. 
  • Burst Mages – These deal heavy damage but only in short bursts, combos are effective. 

Mage’s strategy and role in the game is to go after the important enemy characters. This helps to take control of a firefight and create space for the other players. This crowd control can be great for finding the right entry point on the battlefield. 


Wild Rift Champions Guide

Assassins are another burst damage focused one of the Wild Rift Champion Classes. However, these can deal physical or magic damage to targets. They are considerably more mobile than others too, being able to move around quickly. They even out for this by having terrible defences and poor range. You’re going to be playing in the Mid, Baron, or Jungle when using an Assassin. With their mobility, they’re quite versatile. 

Assassin’s have very low HP, so they’re at their most effective when facing a Mage or Marksman. When against tanks or fighters, their low HP will be a serious disadvantage. There aren’t any full subcategories for them, but the game is already adding more varied champions. 

Assassin players are going to be looking to get the important kills and quickly. Taking out the important enemy units or champions in a good amount of time can turn the tide of a match. With their mobility, they can draw enemies away in chase, distract an enemy movement, or bait out other enemies to remove them from the key areas. 


Wild Rift Champions Guide

Support is a more flexible role. This one of the Wild Rift Champion Classes can be effective in backing up another team. However, this doesn’t mean you’re just wandering around being told what to do. Support players need to be very aware of strategy and have great game sense to properly utilize the tools available. In weird situations, they can even carry. These characters work great to strengthen teammates, weaken opponents, or even work some crowd control with smaller kills. Their damage is low, but utility and defences are decent enough to make up for this.

They move around quite a bit, but can be particularly useful along with marksmen in the Dragon Lane. These characters shouldn’t be left to sit on their own, as their vulnerabilities will make them easy targets. These are the main subclasses of this one of the Wild Rift Champion Classes:

  • Catchers – These are supports that have a bit more offensive power. They’re going to be running crowd control, and even getting a kill or two when an enemy is sloppy.
  • Enchanters – These support characters provide buffs and also healing to help their team.

Support players are going to be trying to amplify their team’s strengths. Going to where they’re needed, buffing your team, and weakening the enemies abilities too. Protection is a factor here too. Both of these things require great game sense to really perform well.


Wild Rift Champions Guide

The last of the Wild Rift Champion Classes is Marksman. These are the long range fighters. They often use auto attacks that can spit out continuous damage against enemies. This does mean that they’re going to need to be farming quite a bit in the early game. That eventual power is impressive, but if you don’t want to spend your time farming for the best Wild Rift items then you can skip this class! Marksman are sometimes called ADC, Attack Damage Carry.

These games usually stick to the Dragon Lane while they gather up enough Gold to get those boosts in the late game. They’re going to be able to take out tanks easily along with fighters. However, with range attacks assassins and mages can be a weak point. These Wild Rift Champions don’t have any subclasses.

A Marksman’s role is largely to grind, and get the items which turns you into something that can’t be defeated. Dealing constant damage from a range can turn into a tidal wave against an enemy team. 

Which of The Wild Rift Champion Classes Should You Play?

Those are the Wild Rift Champion Classes. Each of them brings something unique to the game. However, new players may struggle to find one that suits them perfectly. While many players have some preferred positions, most people and especially new players should be willing to switch things up. The more positions you’re competent in, the better all-round player you’re going  to be. There is no better way to learn how to defend against a Marksman as a Tank then spending time on the opposite end of the match up. This versatility also allows you to choose the best roles to climb, if you’re just looking to grind your way up the game. 

Which of the Wild Rift Champion Classes is for you should be easy enough to pick once you’ve got enough experience. At first though, go in with an open mind. If you play tank in a shooter, that doesn’t mean you need to in a MOBA. Players who focus on game sense might prefer Support, while those with a talent for efficient farming should gravitate towards Marksman. However, spending time in each role is going to make you a better overall player.

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