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Wild Rift might be a mobile game, but it has a deep level of strategy that players need to master. There are various elements that are important for your build, starting with your choice of Champion. Beyond that, you’ve got Runes and items to consider. Your choice of these is dependent on what resource you have, but choosing the right ones is really important for getting the advantage in a game. While your choice of Wild Rift runes is partially limited to your choice of champions, there are some that stand out a bit more.

This guide covers the Wild Rift Runes. These enhance the stats and abilities of your champion. You can use them to add extra power into proceedings, and grab an advantage. This is what you need to know:

Wild Rift Runes Guide

Keystone or Primary Wild Rift Runes

These Wild Rift Runes are keystone or primary runes. They are the main thing you’re going to be using. These are the options in the game at the moment:


  • This is a burst damage rune. 
  • It hits an enemy with three different attacks or abilities, all within three seconds. If each hits, you get extra damage on top.
  • 25 seconds cooldown.
  • 30-168 damage. The number varies depending on the champion level.
  • +40% Bonus physical damage
  • +25% Magical Damage. 


  • This one sends an Arty towards a target, which damages them or shields an ally.
  • 10-60 damage is dealt.
  • +20$ physical damage
  • +20% Magical damage.
  • Cooldown – No cooldown on this one.


Wild Rift Runes Guide
  • This one makes stacks for basic attacks based on enemy champion hits.
  • Each stack lasts 8 seconds and gives 2-6 bonus damage.
  • 4-12 ability power
  • This can stack 5 times, going up to 10-30 attack damage and 20-60 ability power.
  • No cooldown.

Fleet Footwork

  • This one of the Wild Rift Runes can be used to generate energy stacks up to 100, your next attack will heal and increase movement speed.
  • 20% Movement speed bonus for 1 second.
  • 15-85 healing.
  • +30% Bonus physical damage.
  • +30% Magical damage.

Grasp of the Undying

Wild Rift Runes Guide
  • Every four seconds after heading into combat, you regenerate health.
  • 4% of maximum health as a damage bonus.
  • %2 of health is healed, and your permanent health is increased by 5.


  • After your enemy champion is immobilized, your champion will get defence and deal a burst of magic damage.
  • 12-110 Damage and 3% of max health.
  • +35 Amor
  • +60% bonus armor.
  • +35 magic resist.
  • +60% bonus magic resist for 2.5 seconds.
Wild Rift Runes Guide

Font of Life

  • Mark an enemy champion for four seconds, it immobilizes them and slows them down.
  • Gives 3% of your max health.
  • 4 second duration.
  • No cooldown.


  • After you use an ability, your next ability hit will give you a random item’s effect.
  • Cooldown is 25 seconds.

Path and Secondary Runes

Those are the primary runes. However, there are other Wild Rift runes in the game outside of those. Beyond them, are secondary runes which can give you further bonuses. These are the paths available, and the secondary runes in each one:


  • Brutal – This gives 7 attack damage, and 2 armor penetration. It can give 14 ability power and 2% magic penetration. 
  • Gathering Storm – This gives 2 attack damage and 4 ability power every 2 minutes.
  • Hunter-Vampirism – This one of the Wild Rift Runes grants 2% physical or magical vamp. Also grants 2 attack damage and 1% physical vamp, or 4 ability power with 1% magical vamp. 
  • Triumph – The Champion takedowns restore 10% of missing health. You also deal 3% more damage to enemy champions when they are below 35% health.
  • Weakness – This impaired the movement of enemy champions, and it makes them take 5% more damage for 5 seconds.
  • Champion – You do 10% more damage to champions, and lose 5% of this bonus for every death until it’s gone.


  • Backbone – You can 10 armor or magic resist, whichever one of these is lower.
  • Conditioning – You gain 8 bonus armor and magic resist after the game has been running for 5 minutes.
  • Hunter-Titan – You get 20 max health. Unique champion takedowns grant 20 max health and 4% tenacity.
  • Regeneration – You regenerate 2% missing health or mana every 3 seconds, for whichever is lower.
  • Loyalty – You get 2 magic armor and 5 magic resist. The closest ally champion to you will also gain 5 armor and 2 magic resist. 
  • Spirit Walker – You get 50 max health and 20% slow resistance.


  • Pathfinder – For this WIld Rift rune, you get an 8% movement boost in Brush, jungle, or River when you’re not in combat.
  • Mastermind – You get 10% bonus to epic monsters and turrets. You also earn an extra 100 gold and 500 experience when you’re assisting in these objectives.
  • Hunter-Genius – You get a 2.5% cooldown reduction. Each of your champion takedowns also grant a 1.5% cooldown reduction.
  • Sweet Tooth – This increases honey fruit healing by 25%, and each fruit gets you 20 gold.
  • Pack Hunter – You gain 2% movement speed when near an ally champion. Each ally that is part of a takedown with you gets both you 50 gold.
  • Manaflow Band – If you hit an enemy champion with an ability or empowered attack, your max mana will increase permanently by 30. This can stack all the way up to 300 for this one of the Wild Rift runes. 

How Wild Rift Runes Work

Wild Rift Runes Guide

Those are all of the Wild Rift runes in the game at the moment. They work pretty simply, forming a part of your loadout. You just heed head into the loadouts section, select runes, and then pick out the rune to match the champion. 

You can only select one of the keystone runes. These are the most powerful ones in the game, so this is a sensible limit. Naturally it has to be tailored both to your role, and to the champion that you’re playing. A big part of building a great loadout in Wild rift is zeroing in on the top Runes. This is different for every champion, with the best Wild Rift runes generally corresponding to specific Champion builds rather than the game as a whole. For the minor runes, you get to choose three from of the categories. These can be a major boost to your stats if you select them right. 

Wild rift can be a complex game. If you’re looking for more guides to help you out amstering it, our other Wild Rift articles can help:

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